Skepchick Quickies, Weekend Edition – 8.2


Jen is a writer and web designer/developer in Columbus, Ohio. She spends too much time on Twitter at @antiheroine.

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  1. This was my thought process.

    Hrm, 50% male, 50% female.

    Oh, wait. My browser clears my history every time I close it.


    I’m going back to bed

  2. It told me I’m 97% male. Apparently i09 and digg have a major male bias.

    Also, I’m really happy for Brian May. Rock on, my friend, rock on.

  3. I think Dr. Brian May is the best skepchick quicky ever. I love it. It gives me hope that someday I will be able to return to science. I would love to be able to return to biology someday. That just rocks.

  4. Mine thinks I’m paranoid since I erase the broswer everytime I walk away from the computer.

  5. Mackinnon is not a ‘hacker hiding in Britain’ and he would not be extradited ‘back’ to the US. He is British and he accessed the US computers from Britain. He should have been charged and tried in Britain.

  6. I got the same thing LBB, but when I tried it on my home comp I got 87% male, its good, but still not as male as kate.

    Tell me kate, is your name short for bob?

  7. Huh, the hair looks kinda human,kinda orang utan, and it was found in the Himilayas? I’m putting all my money on baby yak.

  8. “The hairs are complete with the cuticle, and between 3.3 centimetres (1.3 inches) and 4.4 centimetres long and thick and wiry and curved,” Redmond said.

    I think they sound like pubic hairs.

  9. 50 per cent chance I’m male, 50 per cent chance I’m female.
    But I’ve been on the Net for, like, 15 minutes today and I have my browser set to erase history data whenever I close it. So the calculator thingy didn’t have much to go on, I suppose.

  10. “I think they sound like pubic hairs.”

    …or : “They are insulated by dense, close, matted under-hair as well as their shaggy outer hair. [3](Wikipedia)” yak under-hair.

  11. I think the male/female thing is flawed. It didn’t even take into account the many porn site I regularly visit. I would call that a major fail…


  12. *giggle* I noticed that the odds are heavily increased towards male if you’ve visited a torrent site. Does that mean sheilas don’t use torrents? ;)

  13. Oh MAN! I visit torrent sites ALL THE TIME. I had been visiting Circuit City, Carmax, techgeek sites, anime sites, guitar sites, and bbc. What is up with more guys reading bbc, btw?

    Oh, and I got a %73 female (I am female). I guess the visit to payless online tipped it just a bit. I hate Gender stereotypes.

    Speaking of which, Detroitus, what does looking at porn have to do with being male or female? I visit porn sites all the time. Or does that just make me the odd female out?

    Like the idea of scientists sequencing DNA to find out that there is a new species somewhere…but I’m not entirely sure that it would be a Yeti, per se.

    And WOOT for mixing science and music! Astrophysics is a absurdly fascinating subject…

  14. Honestly, I think a lot more women enjoy porn than us men would be led to believe. But the key is that most women refuse to admit it. Hence the gender stereotype.

    Would you really expect porn sites to be evenly balanced on that little calculator thingy? I kinda doubt it…

  15. Hmmm. You’re right. I guess I am the odd female out then…if I can freely admit it.

    *laughs*…I would like to see them try to put porn sites on that thing. It might overload and not work anymore.

  16. Oh Hai we can has foster in L.A. area plz?The kittens above were rescued this morning from becoming feral breeders – they’re about a month old, eating soft food, and, well look at them. (I hope the html worked)

    Please tell me if you know of anyone in the L.A. area who can help. Thanks!

  17. “Honestly, I think a lot more women enjoy porn than us men would be led to believe. But the key is that most women refuse to admit it. Hence the gender stereotype. ”

    I suspect men might be more willing to pay for porn sites, though.

  18. “I suspect men might be more willing to pay for porn sites, though.”

    Entirely true for me. Never paid for porn in my life.

  19. 80% female on my laptop here at work. My home desktop was around 50/50, IIRC, but only took 2 or 3 sites into account. I must have set my history to clear and forgot. I keep it clean here at work, but I don’t hide anything on my home pc. Hmmm…

  20. 80% chance of being male from my office computer. Me big he man.

    Actually, it appears from the breakdown that the technology sites I use for work account for a lot of this. A woman in the same job would have similar results…and my predecessor is a woman.

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