Skepchick Quickies – Weekend Edition, 8.30


Jen is a writer and web designer/developer in Columbus, Ohio. She spends too much time on Twitter at @antiheroine.

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  1. To test whether heated car seats might be raising scrotal temperatures above this threshold, Andreas Jung at the University of Giessen in Germany and his colleagues fitted temperature sensors to the scrotums of 30 healthy men, who then sat on a heated car seat for 90 minutes.

    Ain’t science glamorous?

  2. Sarcastic congratulations to the republican party for finding a VP candidate who is even less appealing than George W. Bush. I guess the idea is that the religious nuts are likely to vote for McCain now that Palin is in and that puny man-animal Mitt Romney is definitely out. But they would’ve voted for McCain eventually, so who cares? I joyfully await seeing Biden trash her during the vice-presidential debate.

    Re: That brand of music is too intense even for me. This monk is seriously hard-core!

  3. Re: “she’s cool with creationism in schools”

    So it looks like the two candidates are well-divided then: the ultimate conservatives and liberals.

    The choice for skeptics is more obvious than ever.

  4. On the plus side, she does have a child named Trig. She would have named the child Algebra, but people might have thoughts she was a little cuckoo.

  5. Monks – They’re more metal than YOU…

    Pffft… Not unless they cut off their ring and middle fingers with a pair of bolt cutters because they’re so metal, they don’t need them anymore! \m/

  6. The heavy metal monk is my favorite story of the week.

    Now, if we can get him and Dethklok together, THAT would be the tour to end the world with!

  7. That article on her positions on several social issues shows Palin is an even bigger idiot than I’d thought originally. Agree this seems to make our choice this November even more clear.

  8. McCain’s choice of Palin only reinforces my belief that the Republicans are only interested in winning the election, not in governing afterwards. I can’t imagine her being a heartbeat away from the Presidency. Just the fact that McCain selected her is a slap in the face to the electorate. It’s blatant pandering to the women voters – as if just the fact that she is female qualifies her.

    There are plenty of talented people, men and women, in this country. It’s a shame that most of them won’t consider going through what we laughingly call the “electoral process.” Who can blame them? It’s two years of character assassination, begging for funds and making backroom deals with lobbyists.

    For the record, I’m not all that thrilled with Obama’s experience, either. I do think Biden was a good choice to balance the ticket, though.

    I fear for our country’s future.

  9. @9:”On the plus side, she does have a child named Trig. She would have named the child Algebra, but people might have thoughts she was a little cuckoo.”

    …uh, yeah, I’d let Trig pass as “vaguely scandinavian sounding…” if it weren’t for her aldest being named “Track”. Which, I guess is also vaguely scandinavian sounding, but really. Trig and Track? I know her daughters are named Willow, Piper and…..Bristol (!!!), but wouldn’t “Bio”, “Art” and “Drama” have been more in keeping with the whole high-school class theme?

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