Skepchick Quickies, 8.27


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  1. Hmmm, I was excited by the female scientists in SF database, but I’m not exactly impressed by the depth of their analyses. This is all they say about Susan Calvin, for example:

    apparently gender-neutral, but sexist representation

    Exqueese me? Is it “sexist” to have a female character who (a) focuses on her career and (b) is very skilled at a highly technical job, while (c) looking for romance but (d) failing to find it because the guy she likes turns out to be a jerk who cares about superficial physical attractiveness, so (e) she focuses even more on her work? I’m genuinely confused here. There’s a difference between not being a perfect realization of your ideal image of what a “female scientist” should look like and being “sexist”.

  2. Not just the UK, I’m afraid. If the oceans continue to deteriorate, this will become common, as will various noxious algea blooms. This is what comes of using the oceans as a toilet. If we don’t stop and reverse this trend soon, future generations will rightly curse us. If there are ant future generations.

  3. I can only get so excited about a database of fictional science femmes, since Tara Reid’s character from Alone In The Dark is probably in there somewhere. *shudder*

  4. If Susan Calvin was a Frank Miller character, she’d still be totally career focused and emotionally detached, but her career would be “corset-wearing prostitute.”

  5. The blood/stem cell thing is pretty damn awesome. As an avid blood giver I would be slightly sad to not be able to donate anymore…. but the benefits of this new technology (whenever it gets here) will overshadow my disappointment.

    And then I guess I can find some other way to assuage my middle class white girl college educated guilt.

  6. Stem Cell Blood Farm = Pure Awesome.

    Side benefit: I no longer feel guilty about not donating blood, what with my tendency to faint and all.

  7. Hi MetalOperaChick,

    Some maybe, but there will still be a need for them to take blood samples for lab work. I’d say they have some time before they have to worry – it will be awhile before they finish all the approvals necessary.

    Bitwise, I didn’t see any grape or strawberry jellyfish – just the flavorless kind. :-(

  8. Heh, the last time I gave blood, my phlebotomist turned out to be a former Sun Microsystems software engineer who had turned to a life of blood letting after the bubble went POP.

    One of the joys of living in Silicon Valley.

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