Skepchick Quickies 8.26


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. The nun thing freaks me out. Isn’t there a thing against vanity for nuns? So wouldn’t winning a beauty contest sort of go against that?

    My knowledge of the rules and regulations for nuns is not very good though.

  2. Well, that carb story sure explains why the lovely, tall, slender Lithuanian girls who all look like models grow up to be fat, squarish women wearing babushkas. Ok, it doesn’t explain the babushkas. But they sure are addicted to potatoes in Lithuania!

  3. AWWWWW…. bummer. I really wanted to vote for hot nuns. Thanks for that link, Yoo.

    Incidentally, “too bad the nun pageant was cancelled” might have to become my new personal catch phrase. I’ll figure out the proper context later, but for now it’s just hilarious.

  4. Carbs = fatties sounds a bit too simplistic, kind of like “the gene for X”.

    It’s either that or those rice eating Asians must be doing something else.

  5. No nun beauty pageant?! What a disappointment.
    Imagine if the nuns were asked the cliched pageant question about how they would try to make the world a better place: “Well, duh! By serving God!”

  6. Does this mean the priests will start chasing the “hot nuns” instead of the little boys in the congregations? ;-)

  7. The killer carb article seems very preliminary. I don’t think this is sound science. It seems to be a hypothesis currently being tested by this group.

    There is definitely a correlation between obesity and eating carbohydrates, but is it the cause? Does this make carbs the cause of lack of appetite suppression? I’m not so sure.

    The article didn’t go into how these studies were conducted or how they reached their conclusions, which is something I would like to see before I go adjust my diet accordingly.

  8. Wow! I thought I saw one of my high school teachers in that nun picture! Which isn’t far of, since I went to a Catholic school in NY.

    On the link saying it was cancelled, I am especially intrigued by the mention of the “priest calendar.” Hot damn.

  9. Online beauty pageant for nuns?
    I have to say, purely from a skeptical, scientific, non-biased and objective viewpoint, I think that’s an EXCELLENT idea!

  10. What’s talent got to do with anything?
    It’s hot nuns, man!

    What’s this cancelled stuff? Bummer. Proof the pope really isn’t infallible.

  11. I hope the Australian authorities are just sand-bagging those abusive parents. A hepatitis B vaccination will help unless the child has already developed a full-blown hepatitis B infection. Immune gamma globulin could help too.

  12. Hmmm…The Bush(league) Team breaks the law until they are caught? What a novel idea! (sarcasm) Sounds like their entire tenure

  13. On the link saying it was cancelled, I am especially intrigued by the mention of the “priest calendar.” Hot damn.

    I recall a scene from the movie Pyrates.

    Kyra Sedgwick to friend, looking across the club at Kevin Bacon:

    “I dreamed of a man like that once. In a priests’ collar. Wearing a Bears helmet. Spanking me.”

  14. I hope Rebecca doesn’t spank me just for suggesting that!

    I doubt that she will, so long as you don’t make a habit of it. :)

  15. Wow, should we do a priest & nun Skepchick calendar next year? (I hope Rebecca doesn’t spank me just for suggesting that!)

    A) I think we should. I would make it look super-sexy.
    B) I hope she does, because that would also be super-sexy. ;)

  16. I thought the first link said “CRABS kill cells that regulate appetite” and I was all like, “wait… the cells that regulate appetite are in your *crotch*??” Though, I probably would be too grossed out to eat if I had itchy crotch critters…

  17. Can I nominate another Amanda for COTW? Because muffin nearly came out my nose at the thought of appetite controlling crotch crabs.

  18. Okay, the nun thing has me excited. You see, it’s been my lifelong dream to have sex with a nun. I used to think that it was the whole “forbidden fruits” thing, or possibly the attraction of a “fallen woman”, or even just the whole cheap tawdry morality play aspect of a woman being tempted into sin. It would make me feel like some kind of diabolic rogue seducer.

    But really, I just want to cuckold Jesus.

    This aspiration of mine has been frustrated by the fact that finding a hot nun is about as easy as finding intelligent conversation at Liberty University. So, I thought that my dreams of being an ultimate adulterer was dashed to pieces on the improbability of finding a gorgeous, sexy, Woman of God dripping in ecclesiastical hotness.

    But the idea of a beauty pageant gives me hope. If there are enough pretty nuns to actually WARRANT a beauty pageant, there might be hope for me to aspire to my dreams of hot hot nun sex. [sigh]

    Now I just need my wifey to let me go through with it.

    Might be difficult, she is Catholic, after all. :(

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