Boston SitP! Also, COTW! And NYC! WTF! OMFSM.

Did you get all that? Good.

First of all, Boston Skeptics in the Pub is coming up on Monday night and it’s going to be more fun than a bag full of tiny, murderous clowns.* Like last month, we’re doing skeptical trivia with an emphasis on reality and no sports questions. Plus: prizes! Seriously, last time was too much damned fun.

Also, I’m going to be in New York next (Labor Day) weekend and I have Saturday free. I was thinking of some hanging out, maybe a museum visit or something, maybe dinner, maybe drinks. Nothing’s set in stone so please comment below if you have ideas.

Some of you already know about those two events, plus all the other Skepchick meet-ups that are happening, because you are on the Skepchick mailing list. For the rest of you, why not sign up? Use the form in the left-hand sidebar, there. See it? Lower. Lower. YES THERE. I promise not to spam you.

Okay, on to the much anticipated COMMENT O’ THE WEEK!

So I got bashed by a car earlier this week, which sucked. But, out of tragedy rises a phoenix of comedy in the form of this gem from durnett:

durnettNo Gravatar // Aug 19, 2008 at 8:28 am

As soon as I heard of your accident, I collected some roadkill and boiled it down to a broth which I diluted 300 times to concentrate the powers of not-hit-by-a-car. I then digitally scanned the water memory and encoded it into this comment. You should begin feeling better as soon as you are healed.

I am also working to imbue a crystal with the essence of Bigfoot so that you can cross streets with his incredible ability to dodge racing vehicles. Look for the crystal to be delivered to you in a dream!

Durnett, I got the dream crystal, thanks! Only after a few seconds it melted and turned into my high school Latin teacher, who said, “Sic transit gloria” and then handed me a turnip. Then the moon exploded but it was full of Big League Chew bubble gum. What does it mean?

*Holy mother of god that is frightening and I apologize.

Rebecca Watson

Rebecca is a writer, speaker, YouTube personality, and unrepentant science nerd. In addition to founding and continuing to run Skepchick, she hosts Quiz-o-Tron, a monthly science-themed quiz show and podcast that pits comedians against nerds. There is an asteroid named in her honor. Twitter @rebeccawatson Mastodon Instagram @actuallyrebeccawatson TikTok @actuallyrebeccawatson YouTube @rebeccawatson BlueSky

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  1. I intend to use OMFSM instead of OMG at this forum from now on. And durnett, your comment was hilarious! Please send me some of your encoded awesomeness via your next post so that I may further benefit from it.

  2. it’s going to be more fun than a bag full of tiny, murderous clowns

    Oh my, I can’t wait.

  3. Thanks for filling my dreams with tiny, murderous, Latin-speaking clowns, Rebecca.


    Can Masala win CotW or is against the rules?

    It was the “again” that got me.

  4. Personally, I’m skeptical that anything can be more fun than a bag full of tiny murderous clowns. Except for a tiny clown car full of even tinier, more murderous clowns.

  5. Comment of the Week!

    I am so honored. I swear I will not dishonor this…honor…

    I want to use the opportunity to launch a campaign for a new weekly award: The Skeptical Action of the Week. It could be abbreviated as SAOTW (which – if said quickly enough – results in hocking a loogy across the room).

    The inestimable Skepchicks could pick some feat of skepticism each week which would inspire us all to new heights. Whether it is a rhetorical smackdown or an investigation of a bogus consumer claim, the SAOTW would be a tealight in the darkness.

    So, rally! Rally, my friends! Inundate the Skepchicks with recommendations for the Skeptical Action of the Week!

  6. So if science is a candle in the dark of a deamon haunted world then skepitcism is a tealight in the dark of what? A pet psychic haunted world?

  7. I figure that we should be modest. If all of science is a candle, then the Skepchick SAOTW would be something smaller, but still bright and fiery (like Rebecca).

  8. it’s going to be more fun than a bag full of tiny, murderous clowns.*
    *Holy mother of god that is frightening and I apologize.

    ROFLcopter! Just to add to the abundant amount of internet abbreviations…

    This whole post was thoroughly entertaining. I Lol’ed.

  9. Glad you enjoyed it, MetalOperaChick, and if you like that you should totally sign up for the newsletter because if I do say so myself those are 100% pure comedy platinum!

  10. Oh man, if I wasn’t a tiny, itty bit tipsy from 6 shots of gin and one shot of vermouth (3 martinis) I wouldn’t even ask.

    Was your comment of 42 a reference to my clumsy attempts to learn html?

  11. I’m up for some museum-ing and eating out on that Saturday, since I’ll (finally) be home in NY by Labor Day weekend.

    I’ve been to the AMNH so many times, that I would prefer another museum, but I’ll go to that if others want to do it. For something that most people never get to: I recommend the Cloisters Museum in northern Manhattan. It’s like going to Europe, only in Manhattan.

    Otherwise, there’s National Park stuff in NYC that I’ve been meaning to get too…Let me know!

  12. Oh, fuck me, I just ran out gin. I went to make my fourth martini and the decanter was empty.

  13. haha yes! The answer is of course 42. How could I forget the meaning of life?

    @ Rebecca: I sure have Rebecca and look forward to many more emails full of laughs :)

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