Month: August 2008

  • Afternoon Inquisition 8.31

    To bring this back to the spirited discussion that Sam started this series with, I’d like to ask a question that I posed in the comments: Can a libertarian be a skeptic?* OK, that’s a loaded question. What I really mean is how can skeptics, who look at the same evidence, come to so many different conclusions about politics? My…

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  • Monster Sunday 8.31: Atheists and Aliens

    Monster Sundays are back! What better way to start than with atheists and aliens? OK, so here it is Sunday morning and I haven’t written about monsters yet. I just went out to breakfast with Mr. Writerdd, so the monster post is a little late. Today I want to write about atheists and aliens in movies. Depending on who you…

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  • Hurricane Gustav

    Just wanted to give readers who might have some disposable income a tip: INCITE (Women of Color Against Violence) is working to help low-income women, seniors, and families in New Orleans evacuate, and could really use your help.  Domestic Violence Shelters are one of the refuges that INCITE! will be helping, as well as those served by their public health…

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  • Afternoon Inquisition 8.30

    It’s almost 2am, and I am suffering from geek fatigue, but as your faithful servant, I will rein in my focus and write this post so you all will have something to ponder tomorrow afternoon (it is Saturday, right?). At what point does advancing skeptical ideas become evangelization? Is this something we should be concerned about? Or, alternatively, since I…

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  • New T-Shirt in the Skepchick Shop!

    Our resident blowhard TrueSkeptic commits more logical fallacies than most of us know what to do with, but I’ve used his self-proclaimed genius as inspiration! Here’s his quote (just the most recent — there are many other similar examples): BTW — my baby sister was a rocket scientist with NASA. before she took a job at GE. Trust me –…

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  • Skepchick Quickies – Weekend Edition, 8.30

    McCain named his VP: and she’s cool with creationism in schools. A Northhampton museum is being accused of pandering to creationists by covering up a portion of text on a Darwin exhibit. Crows can recognize faces. Diss them once and they won’t forget it. Heated car seats may equal bad news for sperm. This past week, we heard about nun…

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  • Afternoon Inquisition, 8.29

    A very special Afternoon Inquisition today, specially dedicated to Dragon*Con, which kicks off today! Who would win in a fight – Wolverine or Batman? I have spent considerable time debating this and it provided us with hours of entertainment. Enjoy!

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  • Comment o’ the Outrageously Comment-Filled Week!

    I was going to make this another dual-purpose CotW post, but the other topic ($cientology) grew to the point that it was overtaking the CotW and threatening to take up all my pre-NYC time, so look for that as a separate post to come soon. Instead, I give you a quick CotW. This week was insane — we set a…

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