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The Aristocrats!

Jump forward to 4:40, unless you’re a big Hannah Montana fan.

Rebecca Watson

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  1. OK, so this needs two things:

    First an extra helping of Penn swearing and saying very inappropriate things about Miley Cyrus… couldn’t they just put in a part for a 90ft tall, 600lbs juggler/magician?

    …and second (and most importantly) about another 10 minutes of footage: ’cause you just know that Daddy went all aristocratic on their asses after that little stunt.

    And there Ben, is where you’ll find the buttfucked poodle!

    So, where are the missing 10 mins? Inquiring minds demand to know!

    P.S.: This post alone explains the rationale behind the new Teen Skepchick… Nothing aristocratic in there kiddies!

  2. BWA HA HA HA HA!!!

    I wonder how many parents squealed and clapped their kids’ ears shut after that line… and how many kids later pestered their parents until they explained it.

  3. Geez, how wrong is it to have a hidden reference to a joke involving incest, bestiality, child rape, murder, scatology, golden showers, extreme violence, the odd heartfelt family bukkake scenario, and perhaps a little dead granny lovin’, planted into the middle of a children’s show?

    You know the writers were crying on the floor, making whimpering dolphin noises, laughing at that when they put it to paper and it actually got green-lit.

  4. Wrong on so many levels, but I am very amused… not just from being tipsy having returned from the very first central NJ Skeptically Drinking mind you…

  5. Is it sad that it took me a solid ten minutes to figure out what the joke was supposed to be? I was all “Disney making dirty jokes?” Then “There’s no dirty joke.. there’s no joke at all…” Then “Ohhh… That’s fucking awesome!”

  6. After watching it 3-4 times (not counting skipping back and forth) would someone explain what/where exactly is the ‘funny’ part?

  7. Haha!
    This was funny. My favorite version is still Sarah Silverman’s though–sorry Disney!

  8. Thank you, the links and especially the reference to the 2005 film and the explanation of Americian ‘vaudevillian’ comedy puts it in context. I suspected it may have been some sort of cultural difference – like trying to explain British humour to Americians.

    Even still, I am still not forgiving you for what you did to Red Dwarf. ;)

  9. I love it! The little snap he does is a pretty unambiguous reference to Drew Carey’s version of the joke.

  10. I rented the movie my sister said to get ,the Aristocrats ,to show my little nephews when I babysat them one time. Then she came home and I found out I should have rented the Aristocats! Holy S**t! was I in trouble.

  11. awe. some.

    i must watch that film again…and cry for the loss of george carlin and his incredible ability to paint such a detailed and disgusting mental image…while laughing my ass off.

    and gilbert. i love gilbert.

  12. Gilbert…so funny.

    “Ok, now wait…back up…you’re probably saying to yourself, ‘where did the blood come from?'”

    Classic, pants-peeing funny.

  13. Lest we forget the howls of wounded outrage when little miss cyrus recently exposed her back for a Vanity Fair cover. Oh, the cynical hypocritical vileness of the feigned innocent soccer-mom indignation now reveals as the phoney sack of pandering Disney horseshit we knew it to be all along.

  14. LOL, I hear you on the howls of wounded outrage … but I think half the howls had to do with the fact that Daddy looked just a little too happy about this situation. Squick.

  15. (1) jesuspineda, are you claiming that Rebecca psychically foresaw that evil was lurking deep in the heart of Disney and created Teen Skepchick to protect my daughter’s sensitive ears? If so… too late.

    (2) I must agree with marjasieni. Sarah Silverman’s version pwned every other in the film! This is scientific evidence of the superiority of women!

    (3) I also have to agree with jo mamma. Damn! How the heck did you find this, Rebecca? The mere sound of this show or a picture of any of its characters sends me running for the hills!

    (4) Jo mamma, I owe you a life debt. To think that I might have taken my last mouthful of air without the knowledge of the “Wilhelm scream!” Sadly, this is just another example of the abysmal education one receives here in the United States. Thank you, sir!

  16. “heartfelt family bukkake scenario”

    Thank you BigHeathenMike, that is now the new name of my punk rock band.

    And congratulations Skepchick, your traffic will now triple due to Google putting you as the #1 hit for “miley cyrus bukkake”. God bless the internet.

  17. Well, this is indeed an old and dead thread but I thought I’d comment anyway as a father of 8-y-o and 5-y-o girls. We watched this episode for the first time a week ago and I completely freaked — but in a good way — when Drew Cary’s version of The Aristocrats referenced on Hannah Montana. I thought maybe if I was the first parent to write in to abc/Disney, I might win a trip to Disneyland for finding that little Easter egg in the episode :p But alas… Anyway, a week later, my 5-y-o is in the back seat of the car sing-songing to herself followed by a pause and a snappy “The Aristocrats!”

    I wonder how many other parents have noticed this reference while watching but it’s not something you typically bring up in car line waiting for the kids … unless you don’t mind watching the horror grow in the eyes of a parent as you begin the tirade following: “A family walks into a talent agent’s office…”

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