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Sperms of Endearment

As a random aside–the spam I’m getting lately is more creative. There seems to be a movie theme this week:Danger!

  • Sperms of Endearment
  • Good Will Humping
  • You’ve Got Male
  • Shaving Ryan’s Privates

This reminded me of some other movie titles for Pr0n movies:

  • Star Whores
  • Buffy the Vampire Layer
  • Free My Willy
  • A Midsummer’s Night Cream
  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Poon

Personally, my all-time favorite Pr0n movie title is still “10,000 Anal Maniacs.”  But that’s a band, not a movie, so doesn’t fit the theme.

I know somewhere :DataWhat: has posted a similar list, but all I could find was this hilarious article on Camel Toads. At least they aren’t poisonous when you lick them.

Please suggest some skeptically themed films in the comments!


Bug_girl has a PhD in Entomology, and is a pointy-headed former academic living in Ohio. She is obsessed with insects, but otherwise perfectly normal. Really! If you want a daily stream of cool info about bugs, follow her Facebook page or find her on Twitter.

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  1. I don’t want to be limited to mere film titles, so there. Here are some Shakespeare titles:

    Tight-ass Androgynous
    A Midsummer Night’s Cream
    The Merchant of Penis
    Julius Squeeze Her
    All Swell that Ends Swell
    Cornme’ol Anus
    The Cumming of the Shrew
    Ass: You Like It.
    The Two Gentlemen all alone-a
    Romeo and Julie-Wet
    King John Thomas
    Dick the Third (“A Whore! A whore! My kingdom for a whore!”)

    Your move.

  2. My Top-Ten Fisting Films

    Stop or My Mom Will Fist
    Gorillas in the Fist
    Don’t Tell Mom the Babyfister’s Dead
    Fisting Private Ryan
    Fisting Miss Daisy
    In the Heat of the Night: They call me Fister Tibbs!
    Fister Act 2
    The Horse Fisterer
    Schindler’s Fist

  3. Bug girl:
    Please suggest some skeptically themed films in the comments!

    Our Animal House
    On Gould We’re Fond
    Battlestar Amazing: James vs. Johnathan

  4. Oh yes.
    I got a bit over excited and can’t count either:

    The Sixth time someone doesn’t speak to him it becomes obvious he’s dead

    Planet of our distant cousins


  5. Skeptically themed films?

    Stop Sylvia Browne
    The Semen-Haunted World: Science as a Threesome In the Dark
    The Really Really Bad Astronomer
    Pharyngula [one of those artsy foreign pr0ns]
    Curiosity Aroused [since CPB didn’t want it…]

  6. I declare “The Semen-Haunted World” the winner :D


    Also, I am NEVER going anywhere alone with Sid. He’s waaay too into fisting.

    Well done, goodguyseatpie!

  7. A Hybrid Car Named Desire?
    Improbable Voyage?
    A Series of Unlikely Events?
    Stop! Or My Mom Will Probably Not Be Present At The Crime Scene?

  8. The Faith-Squealers
    Eternal Filth of the Dirty Mind
    Follicle Shaft
    Jurassic Pork
    The Gaytrix
    The Minority Re-Pork
    Best(ial) World
    Semen in Black
    The XXX-Files
    Mounting Climb improbe-able
    Surely, you’re Poking Mr Feynman!
    Big Bang!
    Dick or Treatment?: Alt. Pron on Trial

  9. Journey to the Center of a Skepchick
    The Stiff Dick’s Guide to the Uvula
    Insatiable Bee-hind

    More to come (tee hee) Wanted to get this in while I could (okay I pormise I’ll stop)

  10. Skeptical Porn Titles:

    Buggering Bug Girl
    Randi Rebecca
    Writer’s Double Ds
    Controlling Stacey
    Peeking Doll
    Masala and Spice, and Everything Not Nice
    A Really Wet Girl
    Elyse’s Fields
    Sam’s Spade
    Jen and Jill Feel Up Their Hills
    I Do Car2D2 – Do You? (That might have a Dr. Seuss subplot.)
    Inside Amanda’s Shorts
    Evelyn Wood’s Hole
    Vera’s Pearl Necklace

    (Some of your bios don’t give me much to work with here…)

    and of course,


  11. The Bad Ass-rimmerer Phil’s you Up
    Big Dick Dawkins’ Guide to the Hornyverse
    A Uni-horns Tale
    Mickie Stacked and Poled
    Dirty Dick Saunders goes Down Under
    Ben Randyfords’ Hymen-Busters

    Oh… and Deep Impact.

  12. Ok. wow. And so early in the morning.

    I have to say I love “Surely, you’re Poking Mr Feynman!”

    So wrong, but so right.

  13. Oh.Dear.Gawd.

    It’s a good thing I don’t share an office, or that could have been bad.

    I have nothing to add, but now I’ll get further posts emailed to me, hehe :)

  14. Ok, I also declare some of Janibelle’s entries winners, since she managed to get almost every skepchick in on the act!

    The Very Naughty Astronomer….that I’d pay to see.


  15. The Ass Whisperer

    The Ancester’s Tail

    Why People Do Weird Things
    and the sequel
    How People Do Weird Things

    To Wank Yoo, Thanks for Everything! Jilly Newmark

    The Whoreaday


    South Pork: Bigger, Longer, Uncut

  16. Fist Club

    School of Cock

    Robinson Carousing

    Space Balls….never mind

    Sweeney Todd: the Semen Donator of Flesh Street

    Four Whippings and A Fisting

    Sex, Lies, and The Amazing Meeting

    Penn & Teller Get Cut (I know, I know, technically far too late)

    Knottinghim Hump

  17. Why has no one mentioned the HBO series about Abe “The Tail-Splitter” Lincoln? Who “freed” the subs by “firing” into Fort Sumptuous?

  18. (I went right down the bios page, but yours was first because it was your post)


    Who doesn’t have a bio yet? Get on that, and I’ll get on them… so to speak.


  19. “Camel toes” is rather crude language. Thus, I prefer the term “recessive jeans.”

  20. A drunken skepchick discovered in bed with a Ben Franklin statue: Reamed Rebecca Watson top of me this time. Her response :Unlike my last date, at least he stayed hard until I came as many times as I wanted to.

  21. In my film Clicker Clatter I did a riff on the “camel toads” gag. Fortunately no one over 50 (such as my parents) get it, and I’m not about to explain it, I just pretend it’s a joke that fell flat. Anyone interested in seeing the film (it’s 5 minutes, and FREE) can find it at IMDb.com, search for the title.

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