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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Kidney stones are not pleasant. I have had them a few times, and they are beastly, beastly things.

  2. I hope they didn’t actually spend money on the study showing that binge drinking occurs in schools where they drink a lot.

    I’m skeptical of the moisturizer bra… We need someone to do a 4-week study on the effectiveness of it. And post pictures.

  3. Yeah, I suspect that “improves water retention” is advertising spin for “terrible, terrible breathe-ability”. Imagine going jogging in this thing…ew, indeed.

  4. From the fine print:
    “resulting in a naturally firmer-looking bust area.” (emphasis added)

    Huzzah for vague claims.

    Sign of aging #134: You easily ignore the photo of an underwear model in favor of scrutinizing the claimed appearance-altering effects of the bra she’s wearing.

  5. That bra idea is terrible, especially if it works. I mean, that could be worse than a tan line. Below a point the breast looks great! Healthy, firm, etc. Above that? Wrinkly and apparently drained of water.

    Let’s all hope it’s just marketing b.s.

    …or we could test it. I wonder if we could get a government grant for that…

  6. Hanes – I’d be willing to wager that all kids of funding would be available if the tester were willing to post the ‘data’ for everyone to see!

  7. I thought you had to be kidding about the level of tautological detail in that binge drinking research, but no – a drinking culture encourages drinking, and that’s apparently the end of it. Wow. I wonder whether sexually liberated people get laid more often too, or if reading rates are higher among the literate.

  8. I am completely willing to participate in a double blinded test of these improbable bras. Of course, seeing as how I’ll be blindfolded, I will have to use my hands to test for firmness.

  9. So you have to wear the same bra for 4 weeks, for 8 hours a day. Or fork out another $70 for a second one. All for a non-breathable bra. I will not be getting one for my girlfriend.

  10. Hi there!

    Gah! I say Gah! (regarding the Victoria’s Secret item)

    One of the things that I’ve had to endure at my place of employment (I work at a university) was getting a second master’s degree. I got tuition re-imbursement, so I basically got to take classes here for free. The course of study that I chose was Graphic Communications. We studied Photoshop, Offset-lithography, and other areas of the print industry. I now have a masters degree in Graphic Communications, as well as Library Science.

    This degree absolutely ruined me. Thanks to my knowledge of image manipulation, I can longer look at the photo of a gorgeous lingerie model without having the airbrushing and image and color adjustment come smacking me in the face! I used to LOVE it when my wifey got Victoria’s Secret and Newport News catalogs. Now I look at them and it’s like seeing a cut-scene from Final Fantasy. The women just do NOT look real! :(

    So it’s not surprising at all to me that Victoria’s Secret would attempt to sell a bra on the spurious claim of making your breasts “firmer”. They haven’t even shown photos of an actual women’s breasts for years, and they probably forget what they look like. :(

    I was going to make a lurid comment suggesting that everyone just send me photos of their breasts, and I’ll do the necessary image adjustment for them, but Grimmstail already beat me to the punch as far as pervy comments go. [shrug]

  11. So wait, who wants to explain to me why climate change leads to more kidney stones?

    Also, I second Draconius in the repulsive fakeness of models (props for the Final Fantasy reference).

  12. climate change -> drought -> drinking less fluids -> dehydration -> kidney stones -> hospital visits -> surgery -> use of energy -> climate change

    sort of like how getting eaten by sharks causes hot days … however, I suspect my correlational powers are waning in this heat

  13. Surely we’ve got some guys around here that could fill out an A-cup? If one of them volunteered to test the bras, we’d be able to post pictures of the results for people of all ages to see. ;)

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