Skepchick Quickies, 7.14

  • Uh oh – calendar competition? “A Las Vegas man who devised a calendar that features shirtless Mormon missionaries is facing a disciplinary hearing and possible excommunication because of the project.” (Thanks, Emory.)
  • I personally hate weddings, but I think I could make an exception for a wedding in space.
  • Injections to subdue prisoners – more effective or more problematic?
  • The title of this story is “Victory for Christian registrar bullied for refusing to perform ‘sinful’ gay weddings.” Personally, I would have went more for “Public employee unfairly rewarded for not doing her job properly,” but that’s just me.


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  1. The Daily Bigot article about the Christian just makes me mad. In England a civil ceremony whether it be a wedding or a civil partnership is completely devoid of religious symbolism. This is because the church kicked up such a fuss about being replaced that the government had to remove all religious reference in the secular ceremony. The bigot who refuses to officiate over a civil ceremony as her job description requires is using religion to justify her bigotry. It’s stupid and hateful and she should be fired.

  2. Quote from the Victory for Christian Article:

    Yesterday’s ruling found that Liberal Democrat-run Islington Council in North London cared too much about the ‘rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual’ community.

    ….I don’t think I should have to comment on this, I am just going to let the quote stand…

  3. Calendar competition. Heh. As if. (I’m just saying, there are actual naked men in the Skepdudes Calendar.)

    Available at the link at the top of the page, don’t you know.

  4. The ‘wedding in space’ article was from 2006. Did this ever happen?

    I would kind of like to see more commercial interests in space, as an incentive for companies to work on improving our methods for getting there. (This doesn’t really count though, does it? Isn’t this just simulating space with zero-gravity?)

  5. 1. The British registrar’s religious beliefs prevent her from doing her job, so she shouldn’t be in that job. Period. Now, isn’t that the obvious conclusion? How could anyone have ruled otherwise?
    2. A wedding in space? Sounds “fun”, I guess. Also sounds like an unconscionable misuse of an enormous volume of fossil fuels. Something I guess the self-indulgent couple never considered.

  6. “‘Gay rights should not be used as an excuse to bully or harass people over their religious beliefs.’

    uh, blackest pot in the universe, that’s not a kettle over there, is it?

  7. From the injections article:
    “But the shots have also been used on the streets on people police said were out of control.”

    Unfortunately the alternative of playing Chopin at them until they fell asleep proved too costly and time consuming.

  8. Regarding the Registrar being ‘unfairly’ dismissed. There was a debate on a BBC Radio 2 programme which you can access here
    and click on the ‘Friday’ button on the right hand side. It starts at 6minutes into the program.

    I was listening to this and was literally stopped in my tracks for the entire debate. Its between a gay rights activist and a representative from the Catholic church called Joanna Bogle. I lost count of the number of logcal fallacies in her argument and at one point the host of the show loses control of the discussion and cuts to a song.

    Unreal and very very sad that people with those opinions are given airtime but she really didnt do herself (or the church she represents) any favours.

  9. My (very major) problem with the injections is that they cause amnesia.
    As a rape survivor, the idea that someone could give me a shot and I would have no memory of what they did next…..SHUDDER.

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