Hey, Hey, Hey Like Being Stoned

Only because the immense amount of comments on my previous cracker-related post, I thought you’d all like to know: the cracker has now gone to god.

The end.

Rebecca Watson

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  1. Of course you know this means war for the Mormoms, I didn’t see any pages from the book of Mormon.

  2. Poor cracker…

    In nomine patrie, et fili, et spiritu sancti.

    *spectacles, testecles, watch, wallet*

  3. Having myself broken free of the chains, and escaped the illusion of the cave, is it then my responsibility to drag my fellow prisoners kicking and screaming from the only existence they’ve ever known into the harsh reality of the greater world? By doing so, do I not rob them of the benefit I have gained from having made the struggle myself?

    Would I not be a greater asset to them if I were go instead be a guide? Gently coaxing and encouraging the willing explorers as far as they are comfortable, allowing them to find the light themselves, instead of being pushed and shoved into it.

    Nothing is sacred. Very well. So be it. But a harsh lesson is hard to swallow, and painful to remember.

  4. LBB, I swear to FSM this is true: I was listening to that very song on my work iTunes’ random playlist while I was checking my RSS and reading PZ’s update.

  5. Bah, you’re just forgetting all the times you were checking your RSS and reading PZs update and you WEREN’T listening to songs by weirdly appropriate bands on your random playlist. Confirmation bias just shows you’re not thinking crithically.

    BTW, if you haven’t heard it, you owe it to yourself to find a song by them called “It Ain’t Gonna Suck Itself.” One of the greatest record label kiss-off songs ever recorded.

  6. I didn’t realize that catholics actually beleived the cracker became human flesh. I guess that means the wine becomes human blood? When I was an evangelical I was taught that it was symbolic of the sacrifice jesus made. But I keep coming back to my earlier comments.

    Cracker? All of this sound and fury over a cracker.

    People have way to much free time.

    Yo, catholics and other religious types if you are so upset over the cracker then you need to go do some volunteer work. Go provide comfort to the poor and make the wealthy uncomfortable.

  7. Andrés Diplotti ‘s comment
    “That cracker is no more. It has ceased to be. It’s expired and gone to meet its baker.”

    Okay I’m going to look like even more of a psychopath laughing at this comment randomly for the rest of the day!

  8. @Peregrine “Nothing is sacred. Very well. So be it. But a harsh lesson is hard to swallow, and painful to remember.”

    Yes, wholeheartedly agree. I would have preferred a ‘let it all just die out’ option myself, but, barring that, I think this was a pretty executed alternative.

  9. Great post by PZ. HIs rational tone is quite a contrast to the crazies.

    I remember being in a local Chinese-Asian grocery and looking through the interesting Chinese candies they stocked. I bought a role of grape flavored wafers for the kids and they looked just like communion wafers and even dissolved in the same gummy ‘where did it go’ manner. My first thought was that these would make the best all-in-one communion wafers… . Never did pass on this idea to my religious friends.

    Have any of you ever wondered where the “magic” phrase hocus pocus” came from. It’s from the Latin language phrases used during communion and it was a slang for magic as the bread and wine were turned into Jesus’ flesh and blood…., now you know!!

  10. Never fear…if the catholics (and mormons) ARE correct the cracker will be back in three days and then visit us here in the american west
    I have my cheese whip ready just incase.

  11. I was amazed by his history lesson there at the beginning. Funny how my catholic school upbringing never mentioned that!!!

    Caffeinated Christ Crackers… awesome.

  12. The desecration The God Delusion was a stroke of genius, though The Origin of Species might have been more on-point.

    Or perhaps a copy of his own doctoral thesis.

  13. “Or perhaps a copy of his own doctoral thesis.”

    Okay, now that would just be painful.

    Well, maybe it’s less painful after tenure. But as a grad student, oh I shudder to think of the horror……

  14. Pharyngula is getting spammed to death right now by catholic nut cases posting huge comments full of el pope garbage. I would consider that a deliberate attack on the Science Blogs servers. I hope they can capture some IP addresses and go after a few of these idiots.

  15. Rebecca,

    Spam: the last refuge of the angry kook.

    I wish – you are forgetting the death threats…PZ may need a bodyguard before this is all over.

  16. PZ want a Cracker? No really, PZ did a cracker jack of a job on this final post. Again he pointed out that the host is not all it’s cracked up to be. He pointed out the crack-ur I mean fizure that the Catholics started themselves concerning the wafer and the Jews. He did a cracking good job!

  17. Ahh great post by PZ. He very well might need a bodyguard after… but that’s just all the more reason to proceed skewering this ridiculous belief.

    The right to believe what you want means the right for others to believe you’re ridiculous!

  18. jesus ballsack, that was one goddamned hell of a final paragraph.

    “You are all human beings who must make your way through your life by thinking and learning, and you have the job of advancing humanities’ knowledge by winnowing out the errors of past generations and finding deeper understanding of reality. You will not find wisdom in rituals and sacraments and dogma, which build only self-satisfied ignorance, but you can find truth by looking at your world with fresh eyes and a questioning mind.”

  19. Now that this nonsense is pretty much past its apex, allow me to share, by way of amends another story.

    As I mentioned before, my family is Catholic, and my wife is Pagan. My wife never had any experience with the church, or religion at all, when she was growing up. When we started dating, she attended a few weddings or funerals with me; anything that familial obligations prevented me from wiggling my way out of. So she knew the routine.

    When you take communion, you usually go up to the priest (or a minister of the Eucharist), take the wafer, and eat it, then go to another priest or minister, and take a sip of wine from the chalice. Of course, these days, no one wants to be drinking from the same cup as everyone else in line ahead of them, so some people have taken to dipping the wafer in the wine.

    Several years ago, we were sitting with my family, eating a bag of Tostitos. My sister, who is still Catholic herself, noticed that that the chips were just about the same size and shape as the Host.

    We started laughing, and my sister said “so if the Tostito were the host, would the wine be Salsa?”

    And my wife added “chunky spicy blood of Christ?”

    My mother didn’t laugh. She sort of scowled a little bit, and let it slide.

  20. “It’s been a spammy day for everyone, I guess. Spam: the last refuge of the angry kook.”

    “Well, spam, ad hominem, spam, spam, spam, dicto simplicitor, spam, post hoc ergo propter hoc, and spam hasn’t got much spam in it.”

    “– I DON’T LIKE SPAM!!!”

    “Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam spam, Wondefful spam! Loverly spam!”

  21. LBB: Not a good example of confirmation bias. She wasn’t saying it happens all the time, just this one coincidental time. That’s what makes it funny.

  22. Whatever else I might think of PZ, his cojones must have been forged in the fires of Mordor!

    I think the whole cracker fiasco has been WAY over the top (on both sides, obviously), but that post of his is searingly beautiful in its intensity. I really hope he survives the aftermath. He pisses me off a lot, and I disagree with a lot of his ideas, but I’d still cover his back in a bar fight.

  23. Hmm, SGU forum giving a 403 error, so I guess I’ll post here instead…
    hmm, what to say…

    Oh, right. Well I really enjoyed what PZ said in his blog posts, all of them that dealt with this topic, and I only wish he could have said what he did with the same impact it had without doing something that pissed off a bunch of skeptics. Pissed them off not because they care about the cookie, but because they are, justifiably, concerned that the whole incident will have a net negative impact on the skeptical and pro-evidence movement.

  24. Detroitus: Are you Russian Orthodox, then?

    I’d like to second what Hanes said, and add on a personal note that I wish this was the last of it, and that we can all move back to stuff that actually matters and makes a positive difference to the world. I suspect it’s not.

  25. anyvainlegend: Not a good example of confirmation bias. She wasn’t saying it happens all the time, just this one coincidental time. That’s what makes it funny.

    Huh. See, I thought calling it confirmation bias when it obviously wasn’t confirmation bias was what made it funny. Also, deliberately misspelling “critically,” as a call out to the conversation some of us had here (comments 46 – 49).

    Also, the fact that it happened this one time only makes it coincidental. Rebecca observing the coincidence, picking out the recognizable lyric and using it to title her post was what made her bit funny.

    But thanks for the tip. ;)

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