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edit: Contact form’s back up! It’s in a simple form right now, I’ll be fixing it up asap.

An idiot who thinks aliens blew up the World Trade Center has used our contact form to send hundreds of inane spam emails, so I had to take it offline. I don’t know when I’ll have time to fix it, so in the meantime if you want to suggest links and stories, you’ll have to use the comments. Sorry. Sometimes we are reminded that the world is full of pointless assholes.

Rebecca Watson

Rebecca is a writer, speaker, YouTube personality, and unrepentant science nerd. In addition to founding and continuing to run Skepchick, she hosts Quiz-o-Tron, a monthly science-themed quiz show and podcast that pits comedians against nerds. There is an asteroid named in her honor. Twitter @rebeccawatson Mastodon Instagram @actuallyrebeccawatson TikTok @actuallyrebeccawatson YouTube @rebeccawatson BlueSky

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  1. No, Ghost, we mean space aliens. Understandable mistake though, being a ghost you probably get confused reading blogs when you’re used to reading Ouija Boards.

    But anyway, we all know they didn’t have time to blow up the WTC because they’ve been too busy giving Jenny McCarthy’s kids autism.

  2. Aliens. Next thing you’ll be trying to tell me aliens helped the USA fake the moon landings.

  3. DUH. They totally helped fake the moon landings. Like, that’s why the government is all into Mars now. Because if somebody actually DID get to the moon, they’d see that there were no footprints, and it would totally blow the government’s cover. So they all agreed to work on sending stuff to Mars now, to give them time to work up the fake Mars landing and throw everybody off the track of the moon thing.

    You know, I just figured something out, and since I just feel in my heart that it’s true I’m not going to bother verifying it. Aliens make crop circles. Crop circles affect wheat. Wheat allergies cause autism. Therefore, aliens cause autism!!!!!!

  4. You know why aliens attacked the World Trade Center? To distract us from the fact that they were actually servicing their escape pod (AKA the Space Needle). The last time was during the Oklahoma City bombing, but someone saw, so they had to step the distraction up a notch. Luckily, they don’t need to service it that often.

  5. (Is it just my computer, or is the timecube site supposed to keep you from getting out of it so you have to just close the window down? That’s a trifle irritating … )

  6. “Sometimes we are reminded that the world is full of pointless assholes.”

    Are there any “pointful assholes”? Perhaps “pointy assholes”?

    Also, wouldn’t it be super cool to have a “Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man Theory” of the World Trade Collapse? It’s just as plausible, plus there’s video footage.

  7. I dunno… Hundreds of messages from one mindless asshole is certainly more credible than just one message from a mindless asshole. I think we should all give it some consideration, instead of being so close-minded.

    Umm… Not!

  8. It’s the dark side of computers. They’re amazingly efficient at doing whatever human’s want them to, even if those humans happen to be assholes. It’s a double edged sword. (I can’t think of a “pointy asshole” crack to put in here…)

    On a practical note, there are a few ways (even a simple WordPress plugin) you can make it difficult for non-humans to be able to post things.

  9. I thought I would say at this juncture that it is a serious *ain in the butt to s*ill Jack & Coke on one’s keyboard and no longer have certain keys available to oneself including the co**a and the *eriod which requires one to a) be very creative with one’s word usage and b) write terrifically long run-on sentences to avoid the use of the full-sto* (thanks to the Brits for that oh cra* I hav no backsac and also no fifh lr of h alhab** *** ali*ns ar* con*rolling *y co******r h*l*!

  10. Condolences, Improbable Bee – I have some serious space bar issues, making my typing sound like I get really pissed off every few seconds…

    Surely there are some assholes who have a point out there. Sometimes you have to be an asshole to make your point, even. Yay pointy assholes!

  11. MathMikeNo Gravatar // Jul 21, 2008 at 9:56 pm

    Aliens. Next thing you’ll be trying to tell me aliens helped the USA fake the moon landings.

    We dint need no stinkin’ aliens, we faked it all by our lonesome.

    Still having difficulty envisioning that “pointy asshole” thing, however.

  12. But on a slightly serious note, it would be nice to believe some aliens attacked the WTC, and not members of my same species!

  13. drakeman:
    Still having difficulty envisioning that “pointy asshole” thing, however.

    Think Assey McGee with a dunce cap.

    Oh, if only I had mad Photoshop skills . . . . .

  14. Of course aliens blew up the WTC. Only death rays get hot enough to melt steel and only aliens have the ability to manipulate gravity a mess with the building’s freefall. duh, y’all.

  15. I might have the wrong end of the stick, but it is nice that someone has been arrested for crimes against humanity for practicing alternative medicine. Radovan Karadzic is apparently an expert on meditation, calmness and silence. He has 3 days to contest the claims

  16. Pointless asshole indeed. Everyone knows the towers were brought down by a crab-people black ops unit.

    They didn’t like the guy with the cart selling their juice there.

  17. After they donate the clothes and cash, the charity turns them into the cops.

    I hate it when that happens. “POOF! You’re now the cops!”

  18. ThickMcRunfastNo Gravatar // Jul 22, 2008 at 7:49 am

    You are going to share the crazy with the class, aren’t you? Please?

    You know, it’s pretty much standard-issue crazy I think. I haven’t even thought about the guy in years, so I’m hard-pressed to remember exactly what his claim was besides that ET crashed into the WTC, and for some reason that entitled him to Randi’s million.

    Also, he’s doing all these other things I guess to annoy me but apparently he has no idea that he’s being completely thwarted by my use of gmail. Ha ha!

  19. Said Rebecca:
    Also, he’s doing all these other things I guess to annoy me . . .

    Like sending 35 or more requests for a password change on my WordPress Account?

  20. Like sending 35 or more requests for a password change on my WordPress Account?

    Indeed. I’m looking into a fix, sorry if the idiot targeted you as well.

  21. MathMike-

    I thought he was just doing that to us bloggers. I’ve been hit 3 times already today with about 30 requests each time. Funny though, I actually don’t even find it that annoying. I just hit delete and I’m on my way. It seems like it’s way more trouble for him than it is for me.

  22. The password reset attack came from a notorious proxy service called Nobody using that proxy server will ever connect to this server again. The IP address in question has also been banned from edits at Wikipedia. It seems to be a favorite tool of cowards.

    This message brought to you by the friendly people at Jesus Wafers. Buy your wafer thin slices of Jesus’ meat at Jesus Wafers today!

  23. Elyse –

    Annoying? no, you’re right, it’s not. My comment was as much informational as anything else.

    StevesWeb –

    Thanks for the update! Mmmm Jesus Wafers. I can’t decide what to make to go with them though. Pico De Gallo is out. Maybe some hummus with plenty of garlic. Or have I stumbled on to next month’s contest?

  24. I love assholes. They are so nice and tight and umm, maybe you meant something else.

  25. Happened to me too… I just thought it was some hiccup in WP so it didn’t bother me, now that I know though, it’s rather amusing.

    My first comment here and I get “attacked” by a crazy asshole. Going to be hard to top that.

  26. Speaking of crazies, was just going to email/comment to let you know that the “stem cells in menstrual blood” people ( are advertising on Facebook. For $899/yr, they’ll cryogenically preserve your menstrual blood so that the stem cells in it (really?) can save you or your family decades down the line.

    If you order now, they’ll send you “”everything needed for you to collect and send your C’elle menstrual stem cells for processing and preservation, including a menstrual cup, collection tubes, prepaid FedEx airbill for return shipment to Cryo-Cell, and comprehensive instructions for use.”

  27. Since the comments link has been disabled, I’m hoping that I can leave this note here and soemone will pick it up:

    How can I add an event to the Skepchick Calendar? The following is happening in my own hometown:

    July 27: 1PM to 5 PM
    Barbara Forrest, Ph.D. Lecture with book signing
    “Slam Dunk for Science and the Constitution: Kitzmiller et al. v. Dover Area School District 2005”
    Room C
    The Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library
    3030 Poplar Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee

  28. Okay, I just got hit. 36 messages saying that someone tried to reset my password. Jerks.

  29. An idiot who thinks aliens blew up the World Trade Center

    Now I have to work this into my future broadway smash “9/ 11 – The Musical”. Hmm, do aliens tap dance?

  30. Sorry, Gabriel.

    I’ve disabled automatic password reset for the time being, so hopefully that should put an end to that.

    Kerry: of course they do, they have, like, 23 feet or something.

  31. *Reads comments #35 and #42*

    Mr. WooWoo (or is it “Are You Sure”?), upon reading your posts, I noticed that you left out a few exclamation marks. Now I bet you’re feeling awfully stupid right now, but don’t worry, I’ve got your back. I’ll post a few more here for you, to make up for it:


    Oh, BTW, next time you’re trying to work up the nerve to ask a lady over to your place to meet your mom, try not laughing at her.

  32. TheNerd, sorry about that, I went ahead and deleted his comment. I’m sure one day he’ll post actual evidence that aliens blew up the World Trade Center, but until then I’m content with just booting him.

    The funny thing is that behind the scenes, everyone is working to streamline the site and tighten everything up — something we’ve been doing all along, just at a slower pace. So, silly trolls do serve a purpose sometimes!

  33. Also I thought this (from #35) was priceless.

    I think you are not uisng your crithical thinking skills .

    I’m going to make an effort to bring my crithical thinking skills to bear more often.

  34. Ha ha, crithical! I’d like for that to be a new running joke. “Of COURSE aliens blew up the World Trade Center, my god, think crithically!”

    (And don’t worry, the links to news items aren’t being lost in the ongoing conversation, and I should have a shiny new, better comment form up tonight.)

  35. Crithical! I love it!

    It’s the unintentional humor in situations like this that makes life worth living.

  36. Mr. Spammer, I have to say, for trying to convince a bunch of skeptics that your point of view is the correct one, you are failing miserably. Your efforts are amusing, however, which is why I still subscribe to this commenting thread.

    I mean, come on! We’re skeptics! You know that your arguments have to be taken to a higher level in order to even be considered by us.

    If you’d like to save yourself some trouble, why don’t you go to the NRA’s blog (at and try to convince them that they don’t have the right to bear arms. It would be easier, I think.

  37. This idiot is persistent. I just got hit again with another 7 request to change my password. Am I so stupid to just agree to a password reset that I didn’t request? I hope I’m not.

  38. For the record, he can no longer request password resets through Skepchick. He appears to be spamming Gabriel through an account he has on If anyone else is getting password resets from anywhere but Skepchick, I suggest you forward the emails to or whatever other site they’re coming from.

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