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After TAM 5.5, I said: “I’m just going to say I wish I lived in a world where all the people I interact with everyday were like most folks I met at TAM:  smart, funny and rational.”  TAM6 was no different. It makes me happy beyond measure to feel like I’m just part of the crowd, instead of the outsider with the skeptical outlook.  (Click the pic for more photos at my Flickr page.)

click for my Flickr page!

If you’ll indulge me, a week after TAM 6, when I’m finally back home after a business trip to New York, I do have a few (pitifully late) shout-outs:

  • Adam, Tim, Dave, Mike, Liz (she who graces the back cover of the 2009 Skepchick Calendar), Scott, Susan, Christian, David (Mr. April 2009), Carol, Brian, Tobias, Mark, Kristof, Lola & Amanda are even more awesome than the last time I saw them.  All great people who I’m happy to count as friends, and don’t see often enough.
  • Skepchicks, every one.  You can’t see it, but it’s pretty much been a love-fest behind the scenes here at Skepchick this past week, because the congregation of some of us catalyzed the awesomeness of all of us.  And in case any of you were wondering, SkepSam is a prince among men, and a Skepchick through and through.
  • Did you think the Bad Astronomer couldn’t get any sweller?  Me too, and we might just be right. However, meeting Mrs. BA certainly made me better for it.  Finer people simply do not exist.
  • Richard Saunders (Mr. November 2009) is exponentially cooler in person than he is on Skype, and he’s the coolest cat I know on Skype.
  • Huge love and undying thanks to Simon (& Dave) for pinch-hitting at the last moment and saving my really cool new Skepchick project, which you’ll hear more about later.  But for now:  Huge love, lots of smooches, and many, many thanks.
  • I thought Laura (Ms. July 2009) & Dan were hip when we got to know each other in cyberspace, but I had no idea.  They are real, warm, lively & funny, and it was great to hang out with them. 
Ok, now on to calendars. They’re here, they’re sweet, and they’re being packed up for shipment this weekend.  I should be sending them out to all of you who purchased no later than Monday. What’s that you say?   You want to know how to get your own?  Easy.


A B Kovacs is the Director of Døøm at Empty Set Entertainment, a publishing company she co-founded with critical thinker and fiction author Scott Sigler. She considers herself a “Creative Adjacent” — helping creative people be more productive and prolific by managing the logistics of Making for the masses. She's a science nerd, a rabid movie geek, and an unrepentantly voracious reader. She doesn't like chocolate all that much.

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  1. Something is very wrong with the universe when my face is on the front page of Skepchick.

  2. Awww. A shout-out by A, and she does me the honor of NOT plastering my mug all over Skepchick. *sniff*

    I’m touched :)

  3. Happy birthday! While I’m guessing I’m not the Amanda you refer to in your shout out (I know there’s one who posts here on the blog), it’s still always great to see you.

    Oh, and with regards to your statement that it’s nice to feel like one of the crowd, I have to point out that you are far more than that–you are already one of its reigning queens. You make all us Skepchicks look good!

  4. Thanks everyone! I’m having a great day, and am even smart enough to know there are some things not meant for posting about. (At least not now, when I’ve been having margaritas.) (But…wow.)

    Also, Cleon- as far as I know everything’s right in the universe, so you must be wrong about that. And Saganite, you were indeed the girl I was talking about. How could you think otherwise?

    Smooches for yous guys.

  5. “Did you think the Bad Astronomer couldn’t get any sweller? Me too, and we might just be right. However, meeting Mrs. BA certainly made me better for it. Finer people simply do not exist.”

    AGREED. I ran up to him and asked him to sign my notebook because I was too poor to buy his book. His response? He ran over to his swag table, grabbed one of his books, signed it, and GAVE it to me!

    I thought I was going to die. Amazing.

  6. Susie: Phil is among the coolest of human beings on the planet from what I’ve observed. I’ve told him so and so have a lot of people. So far it doesn’t seem to have made him half the swaggering ass I am, so that should tell just how awesome he is.

    A: What in the universe could possibly be not meant for posting around here after my earlier comment about the quantity of testes? :P

  7. A: What in the universe could possibly be not meant for posting around here after my earlier comment about the quantity of testes?

    I can’t speak for A, but I can tell you I post a little less then half the things I write into the comment boxes here.

    …and then I go, “uh, no. Not for public consumption.”

    About half of what I don’t post isn’t fit for Email, either.


    Just so y’know.

  8. There’s such a thing as not fit for e-mail? You obviously aren’t privy to some of the things I’ve sent to people that way.

  9. Sigh. I miss everyone. I wish I’d had time to hang out with you guys more.

    I REALLY enjoyed signing pics of my own bewbs though :D Thanks so much for making the calendar happen.

  10. Double D,

    You know those emails are alive forever on some server somewhere. Future archaeologists will be reading them….

    I hope so. Don’t fall over from shock, but I’m a bit of an exhibitionist. I’d hate to see them go to waste.



    Don’t you dare forget to sign both of mine!


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