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Some internet-y fun coming up in mid july

This really has nothing to do with skepticism (ok, maybe it does a little bit) but I thought that my fellow fangirls and boys might like to know that Joss Whedon (who is an atheist – see, I said a little bit!) has produced a little 3 part musical that will be made available online for free. The trailer is up here.

It looks geeky and hilarious and fun. And it has Neil Patrick Harris. And Nathan Fillion.

Hat tip to Wil Wheaton.

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  1. I have the DVDs, blu-ray sounds new and exciting though.

    Did you enjoy Serenity? It got kind of mixed reviews here (U.K.), but I thought it was fantastic.

  2. To adapt a statement from Mr. Phil Plait:

    Joss Whedon is made of awesome!

    …and yes Firefly is on Blu Ray mid-Sept with loads of new flavor for your eyes to enjoy!

  3. I’m also a fan of Joss. I think Firefly is his strongest show. His writing isn’t perfect, and his continuity is severely lacking, but he’s among the more creative guys out there. You wouldn’t see most of the stuff on his shows anywhere else.

    We’ll have to see how his new show pans out. I hear there’s already an internet movement to save it :)

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