It’s time to vote! (For the May Contest, that is)

Voting ends tomorrow, so get your votes in while ye may.


Jill is forever chained to her art desk, scribbling away.

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  1. It took quite a bit of thought for me to finally decide on my favorite, as there were three stories that I happened to especially like. As an atheist it of course goes without saying that I have no morals and frequently go about kicking cute little kittens and shoving nice old ladies into traffic, but for some reason I feel that voting three times would be wrong, not to mention counterproductive in the event of a tie… so I regretfully had to vote for just one. Still, the decision wasn’t easy. But regardless of who wins I enjoyed reading the entries and seeing the very different takes people had on the theme.

    And congrats to whoever wins that sweet calender!

  2. In the interest of brevity, you should just read the shortest entry and vote for that one. Save yourself some time which you could otherwise spend doing something productive… Like looking at pretty girls on my new calendar! ;)

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