In which the new TAM initiate begins to deflate and process it all

I’m currently sitting in McCarran International Airport, waiting for the plane to take me back to reality, feeling thoroughly zombified (it is 5:30 am and I have not yet slept). What can I say? TAM blew my mind.

In the past 60 or so hours, I’ve gotten lost with Derek and Susan, had Teller check out my tits (there is photographic evidence, which I have no doubt will be posted soon), been part of a completely bizarre situation involving Buzzo, Ben Goldacre, and a cigarette, bent a spoon, mistaken the JREF forum party for a sauna, drank some really great tequila that comes in a square ceramic bottle, had Adam Savage show off a drawing I did of him and Jamie as Davros and an Ood (even though I suspect Phil had to fill him in on it–he doesn’t watch Doctor Who…yet), shook Penn’s hand, participated in a very productive impromptu brainstorming lunch which yielded a truly diabolical scheme, hugged Swoopy, did not gamble, been informed by Richard Saunders that “Green is really…green”, acquired minions (bwahahahaha), probably flirted too much, and almost cried when I learned that I would be getting a sunken-boat-de-sinkifying ping pong ball.

It was nothing short of amazing. It’s a good thing, too, cuz I am much too tired to think up any other adjectives at this point.

I’m bound for home, and at least 3 days’ recovery time. Maybe I’ll have something more coherent to say after some sleep.

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  1. Adam and Jamie are such inspirations. When Junkyard Wars stopped airing on TLC (years ago, wow), my dad and I needed something new and “sciencey” to watch… Mythbusters is a family affair…… (Well, so is Ninja Warrior, so….)

  2. Carr, it wouldn’t have been half as much fun without you and Tim2d2, even if most of our cunning schemes fell apart.

  3. um, he should totally be tim3PO. You guys were the coolest. I can’t wait for TAM7! (Or, maybe, our Skepchick meet-up.)

  4. Of all the awesomeness to be jealous of, I think I am most jealous that Teller checked out your boobs.

  5. You can close your eyes and I will check out your boobs while remaining silent and you can just pretend I am Teller.

  6. What, name him after a thin British fembot? Hmmmm… Yes, I see the appeal there :)

    I will have the Teller photo in question posted sometime today.

  7. that’s very noble of you, johnea13.

    phlebas – that is completely appropriate, isn’t it?

  8. Okay, here it is. THE PROOF.

    carr, maybe he was thinking “I need to get a ping pong ball too…”

    Anyway, he’s clearly distracted. Normally, you would expect him to be distracted by the apparition of Jesus which appeared in the background (left edge of the picture):

    “Verily I say unto you, the LORD shall returneth in the form of a drunken Dutchman. And thou shalt know him as Toby.” — Collosians 4:26A-26C, partially blocked view

    And he is certainly not concerned with Tim3P0 standing right next to me.

    So, my compliments Carrie. You totally distracted a man who is a world-class magician who has to maintain a laser focus at all times, all with Boob Power.

    We can only hope you don’t use your powers for evil.

  9. *blushes*

    no, really, i think he was trying to read my nifty surly-ramics necklace…yeah.

    never underestimate nuclear boob power.

  10. That was my square ceramic bottle of tequila you drank! And I’m very glad you enjoyed it. I saw it going home with somebody on Sunday, so apparently it found a loving home.

  11. that’s good to hear, saganite. do you happen to remember what it was called? it was easily the best tequila i’ve ever had. i’m far from a connoisseur, but that was good tequila.

  12. Before seeing the picture , when I read Teller was checking out your boobs, I thought that he must have put his arm around you to pose for a picture and then used sleight of hand to “cop a feel”. Good thing the picture was posted . I wouldn’t want to go around thinking the wrong thing.

  13. crr2d2, it was Tonala Anejo. We got it as a holiday gift a year or two ago from my husband’s then-employer, but neither of us drink tequila. If you decide you want more, looks like it retails on for $54.99.

  14. Whoa! The pictures of my whiskey tossing skills are priceless.

    It’s clear that I will do anything to keep ’em laughing, no matter how drunk I am.

    I had skeptics following me around all night asking to suck on my clothes.

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