Winner of the April Contest!

Well, the deadline is over, and there can be only one!

The Winner:


Congrats LeedsRhinosfan2007!

(I’m going by your Youtube name, don’t know your Skepchick sign in, sorry!)

Your video was awesome—I don’t know about the other Skepchicks, but I do love a good serenade. And with 742 views, so did a lot of others!

You get your pick of one item from the Skepchick store and a rad necklace from Surly-Ramics. Give me a shout (or an email if you are outside of shouting range) and give me your info so we know where to send your prizes! (email: jill dot powell at gmail dot com)

Thanks to everyone who participated. All the videos were awesome! Way to show your love, we love you all right back!

Another contest is in the works. Elyse and I are scheming monkeys…


Jill is forever chained to her art desk, scribbling away.

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  1. Yeah… I maintain the he only won by virtue of getting his up first. :P

    If you break it down by day, he got 16.49 views/day; and I only got 16.42 views/day, though, so he beat me there as well… I like this way better, though, as it’s a closer race that way… I mean, seriously, how crazy is that?

    Also, I got the most comments by a HUGE margin! Improbably Bee and JanieBelle both left encouraging comments… That has to count for something, right? Oh well, it counts with me. I guess I need to de-lazy and make another video soon anyway.

  2. Rystefn: It was definitely a close race between you two, and your video was really great!

    Elyse and I realize there were some flaws in this contest, and we’ve talked about how to improve for our next Youtube contest when it comes. So we’ve definitely heard everyone’s opinions and concerns based on the comments on the Skepchick video.

    Again, thanks for participating, you did a really excellent job! :)

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