Skepchick Quickies 5.27


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Geez, I wouldn’t use anything besides lovely lovely lanolin for nipple pain anyway. Now I’m glad I’ve adhered to it without question :P

  2. Good on ya Daniel Burd!!

    What are the byproducts or metabolic waste from this process? It sounds like a great solution, assuming it doesn’t produce other harmful chemicals (I really don’t know much about how this might work, so it is a sincere question).

    I wonder if he tried praying over a flask to accelerate the process. Oh wait, he’s in Canada…

  3. Daniel Burd is my new hero. I mean, that discovery would’ve been amazing coming from anyone, but from a 16-year-old? Makes me wonder what the hell I’ve been doing for the past ten years.

  4. The harassment issue is quite disturbing. But if I may point out, if the women had given out their cell phone number and the perpetrators had called it, there would be a way to track them down and prosecute them.

    I am not suggesting that anyone should actually take that step.

  5. Thanks Rystefn–was reading this at work and got disrupted by someone needing help with something, I must have missed that.

    Stupid work, always interrupting my inter-tubing.

  6. Thanks for mentioning this. I linked to this post over at a favorite mommyblogger’s post where she’s getting breastfeeding support from other moms for a new son who’s basically chewing her nipples to shreds (poor gal). I figured she already has enough to worry about!

    Her post is at by the way. Thanks for the service you did by mentioning this disturbing bit of news about that nipple cream!

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