Skepchick Auction! Get a pink DS Lite and exclusive Skepchick t-shirt

Those of you familiar with the James Randi Educational Foundation’s annual event, The Amaz!ng Meeting, may be aware that there’s an annual fundraiser for scholarships, to send those on low incomes or students to the best educational event of the year.

skepchick DS liteSkepchick has donated a brand new pink Nintendo DS Lite and an exclusive Skepchick t-shirt in the style and color of your choice, with all proceeds going to the JREF TAM Scholarship Fund. We want to raise as much money as possible, so this really is a unique prize. The t-shirt isn’t available to buy in the Skepchick store, it’s just for YOU, the winning bidder! And every gamer should have a DS Lite.

The auction is here and ends on 7th June, so bid now and bid high for pink Skepchick goodies!

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  1. Well, my sister is an artist (for a living, not a hobbyist), and if you bid and win, and you want unicorns on your DS, she will be more than happy to make that happen for you :)

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