Drinking Skeptically in Boulder, June 4

Mr. Writerdd and I will be at the next Drinking Skeptically in Boulder on June 4th. Hope to see some of you Colorado skechicks and skepdudes there! (I know skepdicks is catchier, but really…)

Drinking Skeptically is an informal social event designed to promote fellowship and networking among skeptics, critical-thinkers, and like-minded individuals.

Don’t drink? Don’t let that stop you from joining us! Some of the world’s most famous skeptics are teetotallers, and we are happy to have you!

Details below the fold.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008 at 6:00 PM


Old Chicago
1102 Pearl St. 
Boulder , CO 80302


Danny Schade of the Reason-Driven Podcast is hosting a monthly get-together at the Old Chicago on the Pearl Street Mall on the first Wednesday of every month.

Drinking Skeptically provides an opportunity for skeptics to talk, share ideas (and yes, drink) in a casual, relaxed atmosphere. We discuss the issues of the day and topics related to science and skepticism. But most of all, we have fun while promoting skepticism, science, and rationality.

Non-drinkers are welcome as well. As you might expect, drinkers are strongly encouraged to drink responsibly.

Oh, and just for fun, I made an animated avatar of myself:
Meez 3D avatar avatars games



Make one yourself! Say that writerdd sent you and I get free points. (Some things cost but when you sign up you get a bunch of free credits and you don’t have to enter any payment information.) No affiliation. I just think it’s cool.


Donna Druchunas is a freelance technical writer and editor and a knitwear designer. When she's not working, she blogs, studies Lithuanian, reads science and sci-fi books, mouths off on atheist forums, and checks her email every three minutes. (She does that when she's working, too.) Although she loves to chat, she can't keep an IM program open or she'd never get anything else done.

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  1. Damn, it would have to be during one of my evening shifts. Maybe I’ll make it to the July one.

  2. This is why I hate the lack of a forum here, since I am now forced to hijack someone else’s post and advertise my own thing, but here goes:

    Second try (after this I’ll take the hint and accept that you guys just can’t stand me and hope I’ll go away):
    Philly, Friday the 13th. I’ll be there, and it appears there’s an interesting skeptical activity taking place there right that very weekend too …

    If I recall correctly, there should be at least a couple of Philadelphians here. Right?

  3. exarch, use the contact to submit info about any events in your area for our calendar.

    I’ve just submitted the 6/13 event.

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