Win a dinner with Penn

Excuse me for posting so soon after my last post, but I had to let you know about this! From BadAstronomy:

I have just been informed by Alison Smith from Randi’s organization that they are auctioning off a tour of Penn’s house, The Slammer, and a dinner with Penn his own self. This is very cool; Penn’s house is… well, you just have to see it. I had wanted to go for years, and got my chance a while back. It’s very, very fun.

The money goes to Randi’s Educational Foundation, a worthy cause if there ever was one, and one which is sorely needed. The auction ends on April 10 at 18:10 Pacific Time. So bid early and bid often! Maybe Penn’ll dance for you. Though probably not.

UPDATE from Phil’s blog: I have been informed that due to some problems with the auction it was taken down, but a new one will be posted shortly.

I’ll be working all weekend, so check on Bad Astronomy for updates.


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  1. “The seller ended this listing early because of an error in the listing.”

    They will probably repost it. I would go, if only for Liza Minnelli’s panties, but there is no way I could be near Vegas anytime soon.

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