Skepchick Quickies 4.1


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. “…a daring group of feisty young zoologists…”

    Sure, it’s easy to be “daring” and “feisty” when you work in a sexy field like zoology. It’s harder when you are something boring like an astronaut or firefighter.

  2. Cheesus. Christ.

    Thanks, now I need to get another coffee, the one I *was* drinking (orally, fortunately) has been wasted in the name of laughter.

  3. I can’t believe how fast the creationist list got Godwinned. If it weren’t for places on the ‘net like Skepchick I would be looking to find another planet instead of considering Canada or Northern Europe.

  4. If I hadn’t read about coffee enema woo before from other sources, I would have thought it must be made up for April Fool’s. This nonsense really is a self-parody.

  5. Alan, I had the same thought about the comments to the Creationist article.
    Mocking rednecks is racist? When did rednecks become a race? Classist I can understand, but not racist.

    As for enemas, I just watched the Bull Shit episode on them and I am still squicked out. I’m not usually easily squicked but damn, the thought of someone washing out my colon makes me want to run away screaming.

  6. Funniest bit from the Cheeto piece: “I gotta say, it looks a little bit like Lieutenant Dan, from Forrest Gump?”

    Creepiest bit from the Cheeto piece: The Passing of the Cheetos at the end — transubstantiated cheese curl, anyeone?

    Most telling bit from the Cheeto piece: “If you’re looking for God in different places, you can find God in different places.” Is that an example of “Seek and ye shall find”, or just how pattern-seeking brains work? Look hard enough and you’ll find something…

  7. I am one of about six people in the entire Pacific Northwest who don’t even take coffee orally, so I sure as hell don’t plan to take it via any other orifice.

  8. The link to the enema coffee website is fantastic. There are creepy ghost-like people in the background looking into the camera.

    I remember hearing about an expensive coffee that has beans selected by monkeys (because they’re supposed to pick the best beans). Since the monkeys don’t do a good job of digesting, it’s simply a matter of removing the coffee beans from monkey feces. Yum!

    If you’re going to do a coffee enema… do it the right way.

  9. i also lost some coffee nasally after laughing my cojones off at “cheesus christ”

    worth it.

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