“Show Skepchick Some Love” April Contest Reminder

Just a quick reminder about our wonderful April contest. Get your entries in before the end of the month. Think of the Skepchicks, think of the awesome prizes!



Jill is forever chained to her art desk, scribbling away.

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  1. I see 4 entries. Where the hell are the rest???

    Am I going to have to post the video of my special Skepchick interpretive dance, and win this contest myself?

  2. I see 4 entries. Where the hell are the rest???

    Skepchick with a total of 7 very loyal readers (with multiple aliases to give the impression of the huge readership we guys think you deserve), we did what we could. We’ll try harder next time master, I promise!

  3. Will this be a regular monthly feature? Reason I’m asking: I’m moving, and it’s awkward to move and be productive at the same time.

    (Really awkward.)

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