Rupert Sheldrake attacked at lecture

Sorry for the media-style gossipy nature of this post, but as I’ve been very critical of Rupert Sheldrake‘s work in the past, I thought I’d mention this.

“[Rupert was] speaking on “thought transference” during an international conference at La Fonda on Wednesday was stabbed in the leg by a Japanese man who seemed upset by his remarks, witnesses said.”

Story here.

Reports are that Sheldrake is ok, which is very good news. Despite what I may think of his work, I wish no harm on the guy. And the bigger issue here is that conferences on nonsense are very likely to attract nutters, as this one did. I’m just glad it wasn’t a more serious outcome.

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  1. I hear rumours that dozens of other scientists around the world have also spontaneously been stabbed in the leg today.

  2. Rupert Sheldrake? Hah! What a fake!

    Our Ricky-D is smarter than he!

    He’s got a degree! In biology!

    Yeah! We gonna shel-break dis down–!

  3. Glad he’s OK, I suppose. Don’t want anyone to be hurt.

    However: I think the experiment could be repeated several times to see if Sheldrake thinks of someone just before they stab him.

  4. Normally I’d be vigorously opposed to the government dosing people with drugs without their knowledge and consent. But if somebody from the Health Service were to routinely drop by and slip some thorazine into the water coolers at these conferences, I could be persuaded to look the other way.

  5. I read your headline and I was really hoping for the delicious irony of his being attacked and bitten by a psychic dog.

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