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Yes, I’m asking for donations. This is very worthwhile though. As you will all be aware, China is not always first on the list for progressive political policies, but slowly and surely a few individuals are making a difference. One of these individuals is Susan Sun, who is helping to establish a skeptic/humanist organisation in China along with JREF poster Wolfman, who tells us

“None of my Chinese partners have any experience with organizing skeptical events, and they have minimal contact with the international skeptical community. Going to TAM 6 would not only let them see how such an event is organized, but would also give them the opportunity to meet with skeptics from all around the world, and to begin to build a network with those people.”

They’re just $600 short for the airfare to send Susan to TAM 6, so if you can spare even a few dollars to bring a Chinese skepchick to TAM 6, that would be amazing. You can donate by PMing Wolfman on the JREF forum or alternatively send an email to me at tkingdoll (at) with the header “Susan Sun donation” and I will forward your details to Wolfman. Many thanks everyone, and here’s hoping we’ll see China represented at TAM!

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  1. I think this is a great cause. I love to see more women stepping up and kicking ass, and it’s doubly cool that she’s coming from a culture severely lacking in organized skeptical groups. Count me in, I’ll e-mail tonight to get payment info.

  2. Damn, this is cool.

    Erm. I’m fluent in Mandarin, you know. Will Ms. Sun require an interpreter?

  3. Hey everyone, thanks for the kind words and donations so far.

    I’ve had a message for you from Wolfman, as below:

    “For Rebecca: Susan is indeed quite a remarkable woman. In her early 30’s, she is the founder of her own school, teaching English to primary school students (and plans to expand to other markets). She will be the primary person in charge of organizing our skeptic events here, but as she has never seen or participated in such an event before, I felt it was very important for her to go to TAM, both so see how that is organized, and to meet other skeptics with more experience in such things. I’m sure that she’d be particularly interested in a chance to meet other skepchicks while there. And I’m certain that she’d benefit greatly from an ongoing relationship and communication with you and other skepchicks after she returns to China. Unfortunately, your site is apparently blocked by the Great Firewall, and cannot be accessed from here (which is why I’m asking Teek to post this here on my behalf).


    I also speak quite good Chinese, and will be accompanying Susan. I’m sure that she’ll appreciate having another person she can speak Chinese with, but her English is really quite good, so I don’t anticipate this being a major issue.”

  4. Rats. I was looking for an excuse to “have” to come.

    Well, if my job search is successful this month, I’ll try to register.

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