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Nutria, Mentos, and Cat Dancing

Little Bald Bastard sent in this video on logical fallacies.  Ah, logical fallacies are boring you say?  Not when they involve nutria and Dracula!


1500 Belgians broke the Coke-and-Mentos explosion record recently.  The payoff is at the beginning of this video, followed by Coke-soaked Belgians dancing to techno.


And if you’re in need of just some outright cuteness in your life, here’s a couchful of kittens bobbing their heads in time to music.



Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. All Hail Vlad III, Saviour of Wallachia!

    –except that he actually was killed in battle against Sultan Mehmet II….

  2. Hm, so, the kitty thing: Catnip-soaked mouse a on stick, manipulated by conniving human with moderate sense of rhythm? Or, cats bred for exaggerated response to thumping baselines?

  3. Oi! Watch it, DD! my family came to the U.S. of A. from Transylvania! –Where Himself was born…!

    (I make a damn fine Transylvanian beef stew, too.)

  4. –Erm, my point being that these odd deaths accompanying an increase in cases of anemia and porphyria in my neighborhood are definately not my fault!

  5. Erm. That isn’t what I wrote? :blush: Not that I would ever cook Stewart….

    Tell you what– I’m good with goulyas and puliszka, too.

    And we can have it with a nice bottle of Egri Bikaver– “Bull’s Blood of Egri.”

    *Gasp!* Did I say “blood?” I meant to say not-blood! Yeah! Something “Definately-Not-Blood!”

  6. LOL! I bet if you had enough people at the right stage of intoxication, you could do the human version of the kitty video, including the bit where they start tipping over at the end. That was pretty dang cute.

  7. Bjornar and Little Bald Bastard: for Lore central, check out his personal blog, Slumbering Lungfish. It tells you when all of his other projects update, plus additional goodies.

    Incidentally, it’s always disconcerting when my previously separate internet bubbles collide like this.

  8. MarlowePI: I swear I had Slumbering Lungfish bookmarked at some point (along with Brunching Shuttlecocks), but I haven’t thought about it in years. Thanks for the reminder. =)

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