Who is the winner? Dun dun duuuunnnnn…

Hey Skep guys and gals. Sorry for the delay in posting the winner of the Skeptical Limerick contest, it was a heck of a time trying to decide who gets the title of the Ultimate Skepchick Limerick Champion, but the decision has been made!

Before I post the winner (what’s a little more suspense, really?) Elyse and I would like to give a big internet round of applause to all that entered. It was a really hard decision trying to come up with the winner, every limerick was well-done, funny, and just generally made of awesome. Kudos to all of you!

First of all, some honorable mentions:

1. SteveT:

Homeopathy’s twisted and wrong.
It’s practitioners sing you a song;
“Ridiculous dilution
is our magical solution”
If you trust them , you’ll be dead before long

2. MarlowePI:

In Roswell, the aliens impacted,
Then gov’ment conspiracies enacted.
They lied; so uncouth.
But I know the truth!

3. alicia_policia:

Once slurred by a girl named Rebecca
(far hipper than those in TriBeCa),
‘Be it pseudoscience or woo,
I say none of it’s true!’
And she chugged down some more Triple Sec-ah.

4.  Ssteppe:

There once was a fraud named Van Praagh,
And another named Sylvia, that hag!
Both claimed Hornbeck dead,
“Found Alive!” headlines said,
Guess the spirits kept the cat in the bag…

And the WINNER:

Nonsanity,  for giving us  six awesome limericks on the same topic: Conspiracy Theorists. Each limericks was well done, and kudos for the theme!

On Conspiracy Theorists…

There was a conspiracy nut
Who’s convictions confused him somewhat
Any which way he turned
A conspiracy burned
Thus he spun, with his head up his butt

The conspiracy nut had a friend
Who would ally with him till the end
An absurdity claimed
Would be sited and named
Room for two, derriere? (See a trend?)

Conspiracy lovers abound
Look for one – find a hundred around
G.I tracts are impacted
Not a head is extracted
Yet conspirators never are found

Anomalies are bread and butter
To conspiracy nuts and to other
Ghost-hunting kooks
Who claim they find spooks
In each bright spot they snap with a shutter

But anomaly hunters don’t care
About facts even if made aware
That the points they thought strong
Are just out-and-out wrong
“All the experts Big Brother ensnares!”

So when faced with a rabid baboon
Crying, “We never went to the moon!”
These hicks, dicks, and pricks
Evolution with fix
And it just cannot happen too soon!

Nonsanity, you win a personalized Elyse-made cocktail recipe! Elyse will email you with all the drinky goodness details. Now whenever you throw a party, you can mix a delicious Skepchick drink for all your friends!

Thanks again to all who submitted entries, and for making this a really great contest!


Jill is forever chained to her art desk, scribbling away.

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  1. I suspect an intelligently designed conspiracy. Naturally selected, not elected. The lepidopteran ballot designed by buggirl confused people into punching the wrong vote. I know people who know people who heard that Jill was seen dragging a 50 pound sack. When they attempted to see what was in the sack she disappeared behind a grassy knoll leaving only the distinct aroma of apple licorice. Definite proof of bribery. I was just going to ignore the whole issue but my homeopathic MD said I should confront the issue head on, head on, head on.

  2. Congrats to Nonsanity and thanks to everyone who entered! You guys have no idea how hard it is to judge these contests… we have some awesome readers indeed.

    Johnea- tell your Homeopathic MD that his conspiracy theories are diluted

  3. Elyse, I’ve heard that Dawkins is writing a new book about Christian homeopaths. It’s called…

    “The God Dilution”

    I crack me up!

  4. I am sure most of you understood my double pun but for those that did not look up the meaning of Elysian. It describes Elyse’s writings perfectly. Read the blurb she posted today.

  5. Steve– that was bad :)

    But now my dirty secret is out… when I’m alone on the internets, I lafs at puns.

    And Johnea, Thank you… I’m blushing.

  6. Wow! Thanks for this! Cool Beano!

    All this skeptical limerick fun
    By a Skepchick ensemble begun
    Had its highs and its lows
    But as everyone knows
    Nonsanity can’t be outdone!

    Okay… My first acceptance limerick was a bit more modest, but I was coming up short on rhymes for “glory”, so this one’s ego is not my fault. I blame the English language!

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