This is tolerance?

In an article from The Christian Post, I have read that the Saudi king is trying to stop some of the religious intolerance in his country, but he’s not going far enough. He only wants to join together with other monotheists, so they can gang up on the rest of us.

“If God wills it, we will then meet with our brothers from other religions, including those of the Torah and the Gospel… to come up with ways to safeguard humanity,” he added…     

“We have lost sincerity, morals, fidelity and attachment to our religions and to humanity,” Abdullah said Monday, deploring “the disintegration of the family and the rise of atheism in the world–a frightening phenomenon that all religions must confront and vanquish.”      

Abdullah’s message of tolerance comes at a time of religious tensions caused by the re-igniting of a two-year-old controversy over Danish cartoons deemed by Muslims to be insulting.  (emphasis mine) 

Can someone please explain to this reporter that this is not tolerance? 


Donna Druchunas is a freelance technical writer and editor and a knitwear designer. When she's not working, she blogs, studies Lithuanian, reads science and sci-fi books, mouths off on atheist forums, and checks her email every three minutes. (She does that when she's working, too.) Although she loves to chat, she can't keep an IM program open or she'd never get anything else done.

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  1. Of course it sounds like tolerance to the Christian Post. As long as the crazy Muslims won’t blow up churches or synagogues, let’ em go nuts on the non-believers who are ruining society and eating babies RIGHT NOW.

    Seriously, I just pounded a baby smoothie, and I’m feeling completely invigorated.

  2. Deploring the rise of atheism is tolerant if you live on a planet where “tolerance” means “being against the same thing as me”. Planet hoverFrog has no such definitions….but we do have cake.

  3. So they want to vanquish us ey. Maybe Rebecca could summon her gargantic pet rock and make a crater out of those morons.

    Seriously, it’s quite interesting to see how people use concepts like tolerance (or freedom, human rights etc.) to exclude the unwanted.

  4. “…the rise of atheism in the world–a frightening phenomenon that all religions must confront and vanquish.”

    EXCUSE ME?!? I don’t seem to recall atheists ramming a couple of jets into the World Trade Center towers and killing thousands of people. It was religious fanatics — Muslims, most of whom were from Saudi Arabia. And that’s just ONE act of terrorism among hundreds perpetrated over the last several years in the name of Allah, Mohammed, and Islam. Atheists are no threat to humanity, and the “frightening phenomenon” to be worried about here is religious fundamentalism and ITS intolerance of everything not under its thumb.


  5. See, this is a point people are missing. There is a culture war going on, but it’s not between Islam and Judiasm, or Islam and Christianity. It’s between the 3 major religions and modern western secular society.

    I have no idea what we are going to do about it. Probably lose. :(

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