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The Circle Appears to Be Complete, or Something

In case you haven’t noticed by now, I’m sort of a geek. I’m kind of an obsessive geek, actually, and go through various fandom phases in which I become absorbed by whatever new (or new to me) show/video game/musician/movie/author/artist/etc I’ve stumbled upon.
Over the past year, I’ve begun to discover that a lot of my fandoms overlap each other. This wouldn’t seem so odd if I hadn’t discovered all of them independently of each other. Some day when I’m bored I should do a Venn diagram or something. It would be a big muddled mess of multiple overlaps, but fun (and completely nerdy).
In my mental Venn diagram, I could directly connect all of my fandoms (Neil Gaiman, Joss Whedon, Doctor Who, Penn Jillette, Richard Dawkins, Douglas Adams, Star Trek…) except one: Moby. He didn’t seem to be in with the rest of them, and that sort of bothered me, in a completely ridiculous way. I wanted him to get with it and join the club of “Things Carrie Finds Cool”.
A few months ago, I noticed that he had listed Neil Gaiman’s Stardust as one of his favorite books. That was a start.
Then today I saw this.
For whatever reason, I find the fact that Neil Gaiman is a Moby fan (and vice versa) to be deeply satisfying. Why should I care? Maybe I have some sort of subconscious yearning for the validation of my own obsessions to know that the objects of said obsessions share them. Maybe I take a storyteller’s view of life and want everything to tie together in some sort of overarching plot.
Or maybe I’m just a geek.

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  1. Oh wow, we share a lot of the same nerditry. I get the same way when I’m into something. Last year it was Firefly, this year it’s ST:TNG.
    Rock on, nerd sister!

  2. Me too…maybe it’s a chick thing? I’m also obsessive about actors…I have to watch every crap movie for who-so-ever is my latest obsession…

    Oh, also, Jill- nerditry FTW!

  3. a-
    i’m totally with you on that…although i have to say that my david tennant and chris eccleston obsessions have yielded the viewing of lots of great stuff i would have otherwise missed.

    i love tng. my brother and i used to watch it every night. i had (have?) a huge crush on wesley.
    and i’m completely geeked that i can do this:
    *waves at wil*

  4. The only item on your list that doesn’t match up with my own geeky interests is Doctor Who, and that’s not because I dislike it, I’ve just never watched it. I know, I know! I’ll correct that at some point.

    I never liked Wesley back in the day, but in the years since, Wil has completely, retroactively won me over.

  5. Now I don’t feel so bad for volunterily sitting through “Where the Heart Is” just for Natalie Portman (and yes I was a fan before the new trilogy).
    And as a side note: I have converse in grey, blue, olive green, white, black and, my personal favorite, Homer Jay Simpson.

  6. Oh noes, my non-converse granola crunchy eco-friendly trainers are black. :( Can I still play?

    I *hated* Wesley but I love Wil. And I’ve only just gotten into Neil Gaiman because apparently I live under a rock.

  7. Moby must be a chick thing. Most of the geek/ nerds guys I know are annoyed by him. Jealousy?

  8. no…i definitely have girl obsessions as well. i’m currently on a tilda swinton bender.

    i don’t know that i really separate out my role models from my hobbies. i think one major thing that all of my obsessions share is that they tend to exist outside of the mainstream (at least in this country) and they appear to be presenting themselves publicly as they are instead of trying to create any sort of public “image”.
    to be more concise, they haven’t bought into their own hype (which is why the last few episodes of doctor who have left me quite disappointed).
    Also, at least from my limited experience in meeting my obsessions, (moby, neil, and crispin) they have all been very pleasant down to earth.

  9. My Converse sneakers are white with red bits on them.

    One of my online friends (whom I had not at that point met in person) found out I wore them and said, “I like you better knowing you wear Converse sneakers.” I thought that was a nice compliment, in a rather odd way.

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