Skepchick Quickies, 3.5


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  1. wow…i'm so pissed off i can't write straight.

    "women just can't do math"…wow.

    one day i will put together a long blog post about my opinions on gender differences.

    to be brief, i find this sort of attitude completely infuriating because it automatically invalidates any woman's accomplishment in fields which have been traditionally occupied by men. it presents mathematically inclined women like me as freaks of nature, which i think discourages girls from high achievement in math and science and feeds back into the cycle and perpetuates the problem, which statisticians can in turn continue to read as "women just can't do math".


  2. In that case, we should start telling Christians that they suck at creationism. Maybe they'll get worse at promoting it, feel bad about themselves, and and start to avoid it altogether. :)

    Well, I can dream…

  3. Hmm. So, daedalus, do you think that if we tell the Daily Mail they suck enough, they'll get so bad they have to shut down? Because that would be cool. :)

  4. While it is true that they do suck, as skeptics we can't simply assert it, we have to demonstrate it with facts and logic, even when the facts and logic are wasted on them.

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