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  1. You know, I don’t have any problem with ID as a philosophical concept. If some people think God started the ball rolling and caused the big bang, and then used evolution to create the diversity of life on this planet, perhaps with some minor tweaking along the way, that’s SO much better than young earth creationism, that I can’t complain. It’s actually what I believed back in the 80s when it wasn’t so popular and didn’t have a name. When I actually began to read more about cosmology and evolution, I realized that there was no need for the God hypothesis, but I don’t know if I ever would have gotten there if I didn’t believe in the general concepts, diluted by ID-type ideas, in the first place.

    My only argument is to keep this out of the science classroom because it’s not science, it’s religion.

    If it helps people to understand science to think that God is somehow the cause of it all, well, I disagree but I don’t see the harm of it as a personal belief.

  2. I hope Sheri Klouda sues the Southern Baptists’ pants off. She almost certainly won’t, because of the whole Christians-shouldn’t-sue-each-other thing, but DAMN! From what I can tell, she did exactly what she was hired to do — taught languages, and did not serve as a pastor in any way, so even within THEIR screwed-up guidelines she should have been OK.

    My dad is a seminary professor with two masters’ degrees, a doctorate, and a second doctorate underway. When he was working on the first degree back in the late seventies, his seminary allowed female students, but they were very restricted in what classes they could take since they didn’t want to have practicum-based classes where the female students could be “teaching” the male students.

    Now, 30 years later, my mother just finished getting her masters degree from the same school. She didn’t start out with this emphasis in mind, but by the time she got through the program, she had written her masters thesis on gender issues within conservative Christianity, and she and my dad were pretty thoroughly ticked off with several of her more hidebound professors. (Go, Mom!)

    Her basic conclusion was that the vast majority of gender restrictions in Christian academia is bullshit, but since it’s a male-dominated field, they can call the shots with the supposed backing of Scripture, exactly as we see in Ms. Klouda’s case. I think a well-placed lawsuit or two would go a long way, personally.

  3. “…said Coiner, an Episcopalian by marriage.”

    I knew you could be “born into a religion” (hence catholic baby baptism), by married into a religion? New one for me.

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