Skepchick Quickies, 3.19


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  1. Another stellar set of quickies. ‘Recant’ just made me pump my fist in the air. My co-workers are worried.

  2. Frank Schaeffer’s book, “Crazy for God” is interesting for anyone wanting an insider’s look at what is usually a closed community. It’s not great (I got bored and didn’t finish it), but that could just be because I’ve been inside similar organizations so I didn’t find much surpirsing. It has apparently pissed off a lot of his father’s fans/followers.

  3. Jen, thanks for the link to the article about the recanting leaders in the religious right. It was a very interesting read.

    I remember being absolutely shocked the first time I read something by Cal Thomas that I agreed with! I would have put that on the same level of likelihood as my agreeing with Ann Coulter! Fortunately, the latter has never come close to happening, as I suspect my brain would explode if it did.

    One parapgraph in Brayton’s analysis that I really liked was the following:

    We need to stop thinking of Christianity as a single institution and recognize that there are multiple Christianities. And some forms of Christianity are dangerous (reconstructionism, for example) while others are benign or even provocative of some valuable ways of thinking (Quakerism, for example). And I think it’s good that leaders like Schaeffer and Whitehead are arguing publicly for a more benign form of Christianity. Frankly, I think they’re far more likely to succeed in reaching those Christians who’ve been caught up in the more dangerous forms of Christianity than non-Christians will ever be at reaching them. So three cheers for these guys for taking the stand they have.

    This is the same argument I have tried to make (albeit with less eloquence than the above) with writerdd on several occasions . I think the distinction is important, and (obviously) one I agree with strongly.

  4. SteveT, I agree with that completely. I just enjoy bitching about the whackos. :-) And sometimes I actually wish I was still a Chrstian for that very reason.

  5. writerdd, actually I had pretty much figured that out about you already, although it took awhile to penetrate my thick skull :)

    Rest assured, if the Reconstructionists ever take over the government, I’ll happily fight along side you in the trenches of the rebellion. From their perspective, I doubt they would see any important difference between you and me. I suspect I might even get put ahead of you in the line for being burned at the stake!

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