Skepchick Quickies 3.11

Thanks to everyone who’s been sending in links recently. I’ve been enjoying the large amount of “wtfness” that these articles share.


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. "Personally, I’d prefer David Tennant in just a scarf."

    Damn, why'd you have to go an say that? Mow I have to repent of one of those seven deadly sins!

  2. Damn, could have made an interesting chat up l;ine.

    "Hey baby, fancy reducing your breast cancer risk by a statistically significant level… in my pants?"

  3. Well OBVIOUSLY evil birth control using whores are the same ones dumping toxic waste. The two go hand in hand.

  4. So, when I read " Burkhaberry?", I wondered whether that was a new cell phone or a new ice cream flavor. Turns out, neither one.

  5. "Note that the catholic church also put “birth control” as #1 on it’s new list of deadly sins."

    And genetic engineering is there too. They must really want to maximize the number of people starving in the world.

  6. The Catholics missed a few good new sins.

    – Laughing when someone else's card is eaten by an ATM

    – Talking to someone in their cube when it's clear they are on a conference call

    – Turning left at an intersection from the right lane

    – Saying "onboarding" for any reason

    – Making Nicholas Cage movies

    – Using the self-serve checkout line when you don't understand how to do it

    – Getting to the front of a long fast food line and saying "now, what will I have?"

    – Chatting with the toll booth/parking lot attendant

    – Waiting until the last possible moment to merge and then cutting someone off

    – Failing to acknowledge a person who is courteous in traffic with a "thank you" wave

    Fixing these will make my own life much better than simply having more babies in the world.

  7. Well they are a fun lot, aren’t they. However, on the bio-engineering front I can’t say I disagree. A sin? Well that’s silly. A bad idea? Very probably.

  8. At the risk of exposing myself to the HUGE nerd that I am, mmmmm…star trek burlesque. :P

    Though I agree with the David Tennant in just a scarf comment. Also good.

  9. phlebas: I heartily agree with your list of sins.

    CrimsonBeard: Omfsm, THAT’s what Vox Day looks like? Ah, it pleases me to no end when an asshole looks like asshole. And that rant is only mildly more comprehensible than Limbaugh on drugs. (I know, I know, redundant.)

  10. “Note that the catholic church also put “birth control” as #1 on it’s new list of deadly sins.”

    I can’t find it! I looked around, but the lists I found were all about the genetic engineering / green planet stuff. Were you referring to the stem cell research part of it, or was there somewhere else that talked about the birth control issue? (I’m not challenging you on it, just trying to find out what you’re referring to.)

    For what it’s worth, I think that in view of the new seven, it would be consistent to get rid of the prohibition against birth control. I mean, if we’re talking about responsible use of the planet, wouldn’t it be better to just have one or two kids instead of six? Besides, who REALLY believes that most Catholics don’t practice some form of birth control?

  11. Got it — I didn't catch the connection at first with "bioethical violations." (Thanks for tracking that down, bug girl!) And of course, how silly of me not to realize that "bioethical violations" included condoms. I mean, it's totally OBVIOUS. /sarcasm

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