“Show Skepchick some love!” April Contest!

All the information you could ever want about this month’s contest and more in this video, starring Elyse and me.


(Shout-out to Jarret, who did the editing. You rock!)

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Jill is forever chained to her art desk, scribbling away.

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  1. A complete lack of any and all video and sound equipment will prevent my entering this one. Hmm, maybe a drawing slide show ‘non-animation’ (a la Brad Neely) set to MacinTalk would work…or how about just a drawing of a video?

    I do look forward to seeing what everyone else cooks up. Surly Ramics has some kick ass necklaces!

  2. Blast! I usually spend a lot of time on the videos I make, but since it’s based on views, getting it up earlier gives an edge… Stupid making me get up and do something tomorrow…

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