Time to vote!

Today is the day! Time to exercise your ultimate power and vote for your favorite Darwinian Valentine Day card! Rebecca has graciously put together the poll, which is located on the right sidebar, under the “Recent Comments”.


If you click on the “View Poll” button at the bottom of the poll, you should be able to see the larger versions of the entries.  For some reason, we weren’t able to upload kittynh’s entry onto the poll, so I will post the link here, and if you want to vote for that one, you can do so in the comments, and I’ll tally those votes.


The poll will be up all day, and then the winner will be announced tomorrow!

Good luck to all that entered!


Jill is forever chained to her art desk, scribbling away.

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  1. oh thanks!!! I vote for me because I really need an avatar for here!

    Just saying! And frankly getting close enough to photograph the giant love poodle is worthy of an award.

  2. Aaaaaand … the poll is closed again before I could vote.

    Also not seeing any links to VD-cards in the poll either …

  3. Okay, figured it out now, although the pictures are still quite small. Still can't vote, but I vote for Teek's.

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