This just in: vibrators still illegal

Yes, you know you can count on Bug Girl Skepchick to bring you continuing coverage of attempts to suppress vibrators. It must have been a VERY slow news day in Mississippi–a news crew was so concerned about proliferation of weapons of groin destruction, they set up a sting:

Adult Store caught selling Illegal Sex Toys

Adult Video and Books on McDowell Road in Jackson is apparently selling illegal sex toys again.  Jackson police raided the store at least two times last year after an undercover sting. Three people were arrested and several boxes of sex toys were seized.

A “3 on Your Side” undercover investigation shows that the business is back at it again and is not even discreet about selling the devices. Reporter Kandiss Crone walked into the store and said, “Hi, I’m going to a bachelorette party. I’m looking for a sex toy.”

The video is quite amusing. Even better, the news crew can’t get the police to act on the evidence of a “crime” they discovered.

Amazing. Just Freakin’ Amazing.


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  1. I like to think some middle-aged conservative judges and legislators are having fun pegging each other. But then, I'm a cynic.

  2. I sent the reporter this email:

    I'm sorry, but that's pathetic. It's pathetic that it's illegal in the first place, and it's pathetic that your station cares enough to send a crew out there. I normally wouldn't send a random email to antagonize someone who's not directly bothering me, but since you don't seem to have a problem with that, I figured I'd chime in.

  3. You know, in Japan, they actually design and market vibrators for the young 'uns. Their belief is that when they enter adolescence, they are going to have to deal with their hormones and newly stirred up sexual desire. Better for them to have a safe outlet than to engage in dangerous sexual behaviour. For the same reason, condoms are also available to the younger crowd as well.

    Japan has one of the lowest rates of teen pregnancy and abortion amongst the industrialized nations.

    And nothing says "CUTE!" quite like a Hello Kitty vibrating pocket dildo.

  4. This bit from the end of the article is about the sanest thing I've read on the topic.

    JPD Assistant Chief Lee Vance issued the following statement:

    "The adult store is not a priority for our vice and narcotics officers. We will do the best we can. Citizens would rather see us using our resources to get drugs and prostitutes off our streets and work to decrease violent crime. "

    Astronauts are smiling upon you, sir.

  5. Well, I for one am shocked – SHOCKED! – that the police had better things to do than worry about what people masturbate with. The horrors!

    I bet the news station covered the cost of the vibrator (business related expense, you know), and the reporter sent to buy it saw her window of opportunity and took it. "Oh, no, sorry I can't turn it in to the accountants… I had to destroy that disgusting thing! One less instrument of evil in the world now, you see! I couldn't risk it falling into someone else's hands, heh heh"

  6. I'm so glad "3 is on your side" here.

    My wife used to throw "fun parties". These are also illegal in many states. It's funny, the problem we had with it wasn't the sex toys, it was the MLM (pyramid scheme) setup prevalent in the fun party industry.

  7. "Guns don’t kill people– Dildoes do! –What a way to go, though, eh?"

    Actually, that doesn't sound pleasant at all…

  8. "Citizens would rather see us using our resources to get… prostitutes off our streets and work to decrease violent crime."

    ok really though. if you get prostitutes off the streets, doesn't that just drum up business for the adult shop? if the vice squad are really on top of their game, there's going to be an epidemic of illegal self-diddling!

  9. This sounds like good advertising for Adult Video and Books on McDowell Road. I have this image of several hundred women in Jackson taking careful notes on where and how to purchase self-help items. Since they showed how and where to get the dildos and then very specifically say that the shop is still open and that the police will not follow up on complaints, it looks like both the customers and the shop are winners.

    Maybe 3 really is on their side.

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