The Godless Girl

Here’s a clip from a Cecille B. Demille silent movie called “The Godless Girl” to brighten your Wednesday. It is definitely worth watching to the end in order to see what you have to swear on to become an atheist and the ONLY reason to not become an atheist.



Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Oh no! Anything but my Christmas holiday! :P

    Also, at what point was handing out an atheist pamphlette cause for imprisonment?

  2. So–Yeah; Missing Xmas is a good reason to NOT become an atheist?

    –And, in deference to our esteemed Skepchickal Leader, I thought swearing allegience on the head of this monkey was damn funny! Heck, I'D do it!

    I can see myself in a court of law—"I swear on the head of this monkey, that I shall tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! So help me Sir David Attenborough!"

  3. I think Godless Girl is cute in an early goth kind of way.

    It also sounds like a superheroine name.

    Godless Girl! and her trusty sidekick, AgnostoBoy!

  4. God that was hilarious. I was wondering the same thing as Keerax, unless that wasn't an american movie I'm pretty sure handing out pamphlets has never been illegal, in fact I bet if someone was handing out christian pamphlets today they'd get in trouble with the school. Also that monkey was amazing, even though the people making the movie missed the fact that we are related to chimps and not whatever kind of primate that was, although it was cuter than a chimp. I think that Skepchick needs a monkey mascot.

  5. The movie highlights an important point -is there a list of atheist holidays? Can we make one?

    Was it just me or did the whole school turn out for the Godless meeting?

    If only.

  6. Jeez! Everybody knows you get the Toaster Oven ONLY if you get THREE more people to swear on our monkey cousin…

    … of course they have to get three more people each after that :-D

  7. You heard the lady– don't high-hat the monkey!

    I love how it's always the "bitter Atheist" (ever see that Chick tract where the atheist is a grumpy old goat? No, kids, don't try to convert this Atheist on your own! Get an adult to go with you).

    Terrifying, that we can recruit AND reproduce, isn't it???

  8. Student don't get in trouble for handing out religious pamphlets. Just last week I was handed something tell me how I am an "empty vessel."

    Anyway, that soundtrack used a theremin, which is awesome.

  9. I think Godless Girl is cute in an early goth kind of way.

    It also sounds like a superheroine name.

    Godless Girl! and her trusty sidekick, AgnostoBoy!

    Quick! Someone start an online comic!

  10. Yea, I thought there was a theremin in there, I was waiting for the UFO to land and abduct Godless Girl in the name of XENU! And if anyone wants to argue that aliens don't intervene in religious affairs, I need only direct you to Monty Python's Life of Brian.

  11. I particularly enjoyed the obvious Red Scare parallelism of the "Godless Society" with a Communist cell.

    Also: Godless Girls were apparently just as hot in the 20s as they are now. ;)

  12. That was fantastic! It reminded me a little of Reefer Madness. Swearing on a monkey's head! Recanting only because you'll miss Christmas! Cassic!

    It certainly wouldn't surprise me if "blasphemy" was illegal back in those days. More likely that was just a scare tactic.

    Also, I am of the goth aesthetic, and so found Godless girl cute in spite of the oily hair look of the day.

  13. I'm only judging from pictures here, but Godless Girl bears a striking resemblance to Swoopy over at Skepticality.

  14. I'm confused… perhaps I should watch the whole movie, but was that clip pro-Atheism or against it? 'cause it really seemed pro-Atheism to me.

  15. What a funny bit of propaganda. My only consolation is that absolutely everyone involved is now dead.

    Including the monkey.

    Aw, now I'm sad. Goodbye, little cousin :(

  16. Sort of like PYGMIES+DWARFS!!! used to be the Pharynguloid battle cry?

    I'm down. Especially since it sounds like some kind of drug slang.

  17. As part of my atheist cell all members are required to spank our monkeys. No wait… that didn't sound right.

    I second "Don't high-hat the monkey". Motion passed.

  18. This would be funnier if it wasn't for the fact there ARE people today in good'o 2008 that would persecute Atheist just like they wanted to 80 years ago, 2008 should be the future but it looks like we have decades to go if not centuries! even as we watch and read to the old (what we might like to think of as antiquated) point of view, there are those now running for the highest offices of the land whom goals include to amend our very Constitution, yes, no monkey to swear on, but just the Bible for you, YOU Sinners! As they seek to make a future as dismal as possible, now bow down and pray! pray hard as the devolution of the human mind weakens further and our liberty's fall in the face of fools! AMEN! –>

  19. "Swearing on the monkey's head!" haha, is that what you kids are calling it now-a-days? Back in my day we called it "drubbing the christian!"

  20. Really amusing. I needed a good laugh. Can I join the Godless Society? I know I can't have Christmas anymore, but I could have Solstice or Yule instead, right? RIGHT??? I want presents. *pout*

  21. What I want to know is: where can we get a printer to make us some badass flyers like the first one they showed?

  22. I swear on the monkey's head, that was FUNNY. Godless Girl is my hero, I want to be just like her, except for the shifty eyes, bad slouch, and cheesy slogans.

    I am *SO* glad we finally ponied up the dough to join the Freedom From Religion Foundation last year. For those of you unfamiliar with that organization, check it out (hope that linky trick works…) But I'm a little disappointed…FFRF refrains from producing badly illustrated flyers*, focusing primarily on little things like protecting free speech, keeping church and state separate, and supporting the right to interpret "freedom of religion" to include "no religion at all, thanks".


    *by the way, did anyone else notice the flyer showing someone chiseling a statue of Jesus? Um…the chisel was rather deftly placed, wasn't it? Or do I just have a dirty mind? Yeah, that's it. Boy, that godlessness is insidious.

  23. Oh, re: high-hat:

    From the American Heritage dictionary: "To treat in a condescending or supercilious manner."

    In other words, respect the monkey, man. Don't diss him.

  24. Skeptigator said,

    "I vote for “Don’t high-hat the monkey” to become the official motto for all Skepchick regulars."

    :D I like that so much I'd wear the motto on an official Skepchick t-shirt.

  25. Drattit! Too late. yeah– Don't high-hat the monkey!

    (I really wish Rolf Harris were still around so he could write a song about this.)

  26. I looked up the movie and then read about the Actress who played the lead.

    this tidbit about Lina Basquette is rather eerie

    "Adolph Hitler's favorite actress. She also enjoyed a great deal of popularity in the Soviet Union, due in part to her film The Godless Girl (1929)."

    Of coarse it really has nothing to do with anything as it's pure trivia after all Hitler may had loved ice cream that doesn't make ice cream evil..

  27. I thought Hitler was into blond, blue-eyed chicks. Color me surprised (no pun intended).

    And by the way, ice cream IS evil, only in a very different way than Adolf.

  28. Hey Rav, um, Rolf's alive and well and still working on British TV. Don't write the poor bugger off prematurely.

  29. Wow, thank you so very much for bringing up the chisel. That is awesome. And yes, I did rewatch it after you brought it up… *ashamed*

  30. I finally had time to watch the movie clip. Absolutely fantastically funny. It reminded me of Metropolis and even inspired my new avatar. Also, I really really want a, Skepchick, Don’t High Hat the Monkey T-shirt. It needs to be black with a monkey looking up at a a hand hovering over his head.

  31. At every opportunity today, I warned people, "Don't high-hat the monkey!" Yes, even in a meeting at Esteemed University, during a presentation to Powers that Be. (My colleagues are quite indulgent, and I am known to be Odd.)

    And my husband considers this phrase to be the best he's heard in ages. He may need a T-shirt, too. Could just be plain text. No logo required.

    How long, though, before it's DHHTM?

  32. I totally dig Godless Girl's flapper bob! It totally fits that she's looks like a flapper in this bit of propoganda, though… It reminds me of the musical Chicago, where Roxie blames the depravity of jazz for her murderous escapade. Because jazz is so evil, you know. It's probably how Godless Girl became Godless to begin with.

  33. This is just great! So many reasons, I'm listing just a few:

    1/ Swearing on the head of a Monkey (who happens to be your cousin)

    2/ Don't be atheist or you don't get holidays

    3/ Atheist chicks are hotter than religious chicks (even if they are proto-emo – see IMDB entry for Lina Basquette, the "Screen Tragedy Girl" –
    4/ Atheist guys look a lot cooler than religious guys.

    5/ Blasphemy is apparently illegal in the US ?

    6/ Superhero name 'Godless Girl'

    7/ Excellent catch-cries for atheism – 'Throwing spitballs at the rock of ages' and 'man made god, god did not make man'

    Disappointingly there is no entry on Conservapedia ( for 'Godless Girl'.

  34. Has anyone ever seen the Coen Bros "Miller's Crossing?" There's a character, played by character actor/frequent Coen collaborator Jon Polito, who is awfully fond of the phrase "giving me the high-hat!"

    SO all I can picture, with all of this talk of high-hats and monkey-cousins, is that balding, stocky fellow saying "Are you giving Koko the high hat??"

  35. It is interesting that about 80% of non-Christians celebrate Christmas. So even that argument is bad.

    It was funny that the guy with his hand on the monkey's head almost got bit. The monkey was not into that.

  36. Ah, crap. I forgot to close the A tag there, and also never wrote the actor’s name, “Jon Polito”. Well, if a kindly mod sees this, perhaps fixing is in order? :)

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