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My ghost scarf

I’ve never written a post with the title ‘my ghost scarf’ before. I hope it doesn’t disappoint. This is a true story. You can trust me on that because the person it happened to is me.

Last Thursday I had to go to the doctors. The GP I saw wasn’t my usual guy, but I was happy enough as he was young and nice and we had a bit of a banter. I don’t often hit it off with men who are examining the interior of my ear so it was quite a memorable meeting. Nonetheless, on Friday afternoon, I was extremely surprised to get a call from the same doctor. In the UK, getting an unsolicited phone call from your GP is rarer than a good Steven Seagal movie. The conversation went exactly like this:

“Hi Tracy, how are you feeling?”

“Not too bad, thanks”

“Great. Er…did you happen to leave your scarf at my surgery?”

OK, at this point I have to interrupt myself to tell you about my scarf. I love it. It’s the best scarf in the world, no exceptions. It’s also pretty unique, having been lovingly handcrafted by no other than kittynh, mother to Skepchick blogger Kitten. I wear the scarf everywhere in winter and take great care not to leave it anywhere. However….

“Noooo, I don’t think so. Unless it’s a huge purple and white one!”

“Yes, it is! It’s really long and fluffy.”

“That’s my scarf!”

I can’t tell you how distraught I was that I’d left my beloved scarf behind. I was so grateful to the thoughtful doctor for remembering me and calling. Today, I sent my hubby to the surgery to collect it. He came home and handed it to me…

…it’s not my scarf!!!

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  1. Wow! You Brits are cloning scarves now?

    What can I say, I traded my goat to this troll for some magic yarn.

    ….do you know where YOUR scarf is?

  2. I love the idea of magic yarn. It knits itself into whatever the wearer needs! Then when it feels its job is done, it unravels and moves to the next person.

    My scarf is in the closet where it should be. I don't think I even wore it that day! In fact I'm sure I didn't because I got a taxi to the surgery and back so didn't bother wrapping up warm.

    I would put the ghost scarf in the closet next to mine, but I'm worried they'll mate and I'll end up with lots of little mittens…

  3. It's not a ghost scarf, silly. It's a clone, like in that Lindsay Lohan movie. Try cutting off a piece of one and see if it affects the other. Take pictures.

  4. Sure– That's what they mean when they talk about the FABRIC of space-time!

    My Relativistic mock turtle neck is my favourite shirt!

  5. Obviously, you are all ignoring the simple, obvious truth: self-replicating nano-scarves.

    We obviously need to spend millions of dollars researching this.

  6. Rav, I assume your Relativistic mock turtle neck only got that way because the neck is experiencing relativistic length contraction?

    And I can't believe no one has yet pointed out the obvious correlation between knitted scarves and String Theory!

  7. Well, you see, the thing about my Relativistic mock turtle neck is that you are actually seeing it, not as it is, but as it WAS. The shirt you see me wearing is not, in fact, the shirt I'm wearing NOW. You're actually seeing the shirt I WAS wearing more than TWO YEARS AGO!

    (Frell me– I hope I am going to have had remembered to have washed it….)

  8. Sheesh. You people are so blind. There are obviously multiple instances of solid evidence for the paranormal here.

    1. The collective unconscious. The only possible explanation for there being two such, at least superficially similar, scarfs.

    2. Mind reading. The only possible explanation for the doctor knowing you owned such a scarf.

    3. UFOs. There are always ufos.

  9. I am going to go with the more traditional interpretation of these events.

    There was someone else with a similar scarf at the GP's office that day.

    In this scenario, Tracy is a perpetrator of scarf fraud (unwitting at first, but not so much anymore).

    Alternate scenario#1 – the GP concocted the "you forgot your scarf" as a ruse because of his deep affection for women with handlebar mustaches and was very disappointed when her husband came to fetch it.

    Alternative scenario#2 — You made this whole thing up. As it stands your credibility is already suspect since you are a perpetrator of scarf fraud.

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