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1.) My favorite British sexularist Sid Rodrigues was recently interviewed by both Nature and Londonist about his excellent Skeptics in the Pub lecture series. In those interviews, he was kind enough to mention my hazy plans to start a Boston chapter. Thank you, darling — I guess that means it’s on! I’ll be planning for a mid-week event at a Cambridge pub near a T-stop near the end of March. Boston-area folks, please post below and tell me what days of the week work best for you, and what speakers (preferably local people to start) you’d like to hear! (We’ll also probably tie this in with the cool kids at Drinking Skeptically!)

2.) You may have noticed a new calendar feed off to the right of this page. That’s my Google calendar, which Masala_Skeptic will be helping me maintain. It’s not just for Boston events — if you know of a skeptical happening, large or small, please send us a heads-up to events(at)skepchick(dot)org and we’ll add it post haste! We’ll also regularly post the calendar in a blog entry to remind you of upcoming events.

3.) Speaking of upcoming events, I just added one! Fans of Pharyngula are gathering in Cambridge Friday, and I plan to be there. Click the calendar for more (see, I’m trying to train you to use it!).

4.) If there is no upcoming skeptical event in your area, why don’t you go on and organize one? It’s pretty easy — just pick an easy-to-find local bar or restaurant, let us know the date and time, and we’ll announce it here. You don’t need speakers or topics at first. Just show up and meet some fellow skeptics! If you like each other, do it again next month. There, see how easy that was?

Rebecca Watson

Rebecca is a writer, speaker, YouTube personality, and unrepentant science nerd. In addition to founding and continuing to run Skepchick, she hosts Quiz-o-Tron, a monthly science-themed quiz show and podcast that pits comedians against nerds. There is an asteroid named in her honor. Twitter @rebeccawatson Mastodon Instagram @actuallyrebeccawatson TikTok @actuallyrebeccawatson YouTube @rebeccawatson BlueSky

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  1. Huzzah for Skeptics in the Pub!

    Well, it seems like Wednesdays and Thursdays are going to require me to stay late for meetings at work (bleh), so those probably won't work for me. Although it also depends on the time, because if we're talking aboout 8 pm or later, I don't think there should be any conflicts.

    I think Mike the Mad Biologist would make a good local speaker, although he might end up just yelling at all of us to wash our damned, dirty skeptic hands.

  2. I think Mike the Mad Biologist would make a good local speaker, although he might end up just yelling at all of us to wash our damned, dirty skeptic hands.

    Hey, I was doing that bit back in the 70s. After that, I started squashing various produce items with a large sledge hammer.

  3. Woohoo!

    Any day should be fine for me, vis a vis SitP. And I'm starting to develop a taste for this, this "beer" I hear so much about. So, that's cool.

  4. My favorite British sexularist Sid Rodrigues ….

    Innocent typographical error or rampant Freudian slip? We report — you decide!



  5. If anyone needs a hand setting-up or organising their own meetup. Just follow the above; it really is that easy.

    Gimme a mail on [email protected] if you have cold-feet over starting your own chapter and I'll give you a few pointers….if you need them.

  6. I’m pretty cool with any day of the week. Mondays are when I tend to do my grocery shopping, but that would not proclude a later event if needed.

    As far as local speakers are concerned, well, Rebecca whips up a good presentation, replete with Unicorns, so that works for me. Any of the other Skeptic’s Guide rogues (CT’s not TOO far) would be nice. I’d also love to hear from Steven Pinker.

    Oh, and I hear tell that these “schools” such as the MIT and the Harvard have some decent folk in their scientific departments. So those are good fields to glean, I suppose.

  7. Drinking while promoting skepticism… it sounds too good to be true.

    Reminds me of those ads that said "burn fat while you sleep"!

    That being said, I am seriously considering starting a NJ Drinking Skeptically. Either in South Orange (near work) or New Brunswick (near home).

    Rebecca, visiting the chapter at some point will be required if you are to maintain your credibility as a drinker and/or a skeptic!

    (As if your status in either camp was in question!)

  8. Here's the Denver Skeptic's meetup page. I guess all of these events should go on our calendar!

    Please take special note of Drinking Skeptically in Denver:


    Tuesday, March 18, 2008, 6:00 PM

    Drinking Skeptically provides an opportunity for skeptics to talk, share ideas (and yes, drink) in a casual, relaxed atmosphere. We discuss the issues of the day and topics related to science and skepticism. But most of all, we have fun while promoting skepticism, science, and rationality.

    Non-drinkers are welcome as well. As you might expect, drinkers are strongly encouraged to drink responsibly.

    The Denver Skeptics Meetup is the current co-sponsor of the Denver chapter of Drinking Skeptically.

    When and Where:

    Celtic Tavern

    18th & Blake Street


  9. Innocent typographical error or rampant Freudian slip? We report — you decide!

    I'm pretty sure it was intentional Wordplayer. The term has popped up before. I would have coined it myself, but Tracy beat me to it.

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