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It’s been a fun week to be a skeptic in Atlanta. On Wednesday, James Randi himself was in town to speak at a local conference. Some of us local Atlantans met up with him that night after he had a very busy day. See pictures and find out more below the fold: 
Then, yesterday, the hubby and I got to see David Copperfield who was in town. I wasn’t quite sure about seeing him but he did a really excellent show and was surprisingly funny. He seems to take himself a lot less seriously than I remember!

And then today, we held our first Atlanta Skeptics in the Pub meeting. We had a blast, met a bunch of fun folks and found out about a new local organization that is starting up here – the Peachtree Freethinkers. They’re starting to organize meetings and mixers – in fact, they have one this coming Tuesday. So, my fellow Atlantans, no more excuses about living in the Bible Belt! Local skepticism is alive and kicking here in our home town! Join us! Really! Or I’ll use more exclamation points! Do you think A’s the only one who can use them?! Hah! :)

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Maria D'Souza grew up in different countries around the world, including Hong Kong, Trinidad, and Kenya and it shows. She currently lives in the Bay Area and has an unhealthy affection for science fiction, Neil Gaiman and all things Muppet.

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  1. Oh, Masala Skeptic, how I love you for calling me out!!!!

    I have to anger the grammar gods again, since I will also add…I just signed up for D*C tonight! W00t!


  2. Dragon Con is going to be freakin' awesome, ya'll. And not just because you'll get to see me and A fight over how many exclamation points we can add to a conversation. Derek from Skepticality was at our Skeptics in the Pub yesterday and he's directing the DC skeptics track – it's going to freakin. rock. seriously.

  3. Very cool. I'm glad to know that such incredible defenders of the truth will be around. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for a meet or a Con down that way sometime in the future. Thankies for the info!

  4. Oh gosh, I’m so jealous! Here in the cold climes of Maine, I swear that people become true believers just to pass the time away during the winters. Thank the FSM and his noodly appendages that I can finally escape in May, post graduation. Anyone know if there’s a thriving Boston area skeptic ‘scene’?

  5. You’re kidding? Right?

    Sadly not. I AM in Mainer, afterall. I assume there is, but I just wanted to make sure. I’m in the running for a position in the Boston area, and wanted to make sure I could network with people who actually make sense.

  6. I’ll be organizing that Boston Skeptics in the Pub any second now! Seriously. Going out this week to nail down a venue, promise.

    Very cool! Depending on where/when, I may pop on by if I am permitted. Pub with Skeptics sounds like a blast.

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