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Spotted on Pharyngula: a song based on one of the worst Chick tracts ever!

Rebecca Watson

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  1. Is that supposed to convert me to christianity or is it telling me to drop acid. Its really hard to tell.

  2. "Maybe I’m the only one who feels this way, but the idea of justice seems to completely escape the Christian god."

    To be realistic, Christianity has been around for a long time, and what we consider to be "fair" comes from Enlightenment values which are a scant few centuries old. So the real issue is the wisdom of making moral judgments in a modern world using a very old book on morality.

    The best thing about Chick tracts is that the worst ones and the best ones are the same ones. They're craptastic!

  3. Wow. That was… intensely creepy. But AWESOME.

    Abused children of drunken parents across the world, take heart: all your problems can be solved in just 15 MINUTES. Ick, I don't even feel right about satirising that.

  4. Maybe I’m the only one who feels this way, but the idea of justice seems to completely escape the Christian god. I mean, just saying “I’m sorry, god, please forgive me,” will get you out scott free from any number of misdeeds, but if you don’t, then you get to burn in hell, not just until you’ve paid off your sins, but for all eternity. Yeah, real fair.

  5. Now there's one tract I definitely never read.

    That's just creepy. Really creepy.

    There's people out there who actually believe this kind of Chick-crap? I mean, this is some seriously sick, fucked up shit. Not even fundies go this low? Do they … ?

  6. @TheCzech:

    That's true, meanings for justice or fairness do change, but they usually come down to one of two things: punish the individual who broke the law/whatever, or remove the individual's capability to repeat the crime. At the least, it has always involved facing the consequences of your own actions.

    Now, Hell covers the "punishment" part. I have to concede that. But allowing the slate to be wiped clean with a statement of "I believe" and a few drops of water to the forehead more or less spits in the face of the whole idea, then takes a minute to rough it up before searching its pockets for lunch money. All negative spiritual consequences for any prior actions are gone, regardless of, well, anything. I prefer OT justice to that, even if it does usually involve irreparable bodily harm.

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