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It would seem from this map that people’s choice of religion has more to do with regionalism than with absolute truth.  Blasphemy!

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  1. Hang on–! I'm from Pennsylvania; What happened to the Quakers? They're not even listed as "none!"

    And this is only a map for Christians? What about Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Scientologists, and –um…stuff…?

  2. Really? I don't know any. Lots of Mennonites though.

    That red is really scary. It's an appropriate color, isn't it? Makes one gasp out loud while the Catholics are a more soothing hue.

    [Is spiffy gravatar working, me wonders?]

  3. No, Harrisburg (the emerald city) – where we keep our money-grubbing, procrastinating, do-nothings. (I'm not one of those – I only grub money that's due to come to me anyway and I actually DO something, though you might not know it due to the "speed" of bureaucracy.)

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