Darwin Day Eve

Tomorrow is Dawin Day! What better way to celebrate than to see indisputable proof that evolution never happened!


Check out more Edward Current vids on youtube.

And a special thanks to my kick-ass friend and student of bioinformatics at UIUC, Colin Brady, for the link!

(ETA:  Don’t forget you now have until Thursday to get your Darwin Valentine’s in!)


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  1. I've seen a few of these before and they always make me laugh. Then I think to myself "There are people who actually believe this" and that worries me.

    Then I get to watch it again with predictable hilarity.

  2. "Wow, it almost sounds like satire."

    "for the record, it is satire."

    There is no way to do deadpan satire of religious fundamentalists in such a way that the reader will be absolutely sure that it is satire.

  3. You know, I thought to myself "This has to be satire."

    Then I remembered that my best friend believes that there's a place in the sky where a wizard sits on a throne surrounded by people with wings, and I knew it could be real.

  4. Happy Darwin Day!

    The Ben Stein – Expelled! Blog has blown a gasket in honor of Darwin Day.

    "# 168 Frank

    We are fighting an uphill battle against flawed and entrenched thinking, but we are definitely moving in the right direction. There is a wide separation in deductions drawn from currently existing evidence – and flawed logic on the Darwinist side still rules the day.


    And much more of the same….

  5. Okay I just shot an abortion doctor based on this video and NOW you tell me it's a goof? Lucy, you've got some 'splainin' to do!!!

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