The Best Thing about New York City is: You & Me

That’s right: YOU, and ME, in New York City. Does it get any better? I doubt it. I’m giving a talk for the NYC Skeptics on Saturday, February 16 at 1pm. The event is free and located at University Settlement, 184 Eldridge St. (at Rivington St., two blocks south of Houston).

I am demanding that you all show up. Or at least, all of you in the Northeast — hey, I’m coming all the way from Boston, so it’s the least you can do. We’ll definitely be heading to a bar or restaurant immediately after and talking/laughing/partying all night. So be there! Click the awesome banner below for more details.

Oh, and don’t forget to take the survey! It’s still open.

Um, oh . . . and also I just noticed I got the title a bit wrong so I edited. It was like 5am when I wrote that.

Rebecca Watson

Rebecca is a writer, speaker, YouTube personality, and unrepentant science nerd. In addition to founding and continuing to run Skepchick, she hosts Quiz-o-Tron, a monthly science-themed quiz show and podcast that pits comedians against nerds. There is an asteroid named in her honor. Twitter @rebeccawatson Mastodon Instagram @actuallyrebeccawatson TikTok @actuallyrebeccawatson YouTube @rebeccawatson BlueSky

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  1. Yeah! Naked faces! Aaaarrrrghhh! Put on a veil or summat! Cos I can't control MY urges! It must be YOUR fault!

    (Sorry– couldnae resist! Hee, hee, hee!)

    YEAH! Skeptic Roadtrip! We could even meet up at the bus station in Philly Chinatown! (If my car isnae good enough for youse.)

  2. Hey everyone. I'm one of the guys organizing this event and inviting disaster by allowing Rebecca and her evil minions to invade our peaceful little city.

    If anybody has any questions or needs any additional information please don't hesitate to drop me a line ([email protected]). Also, feel free to check our events page ( for more information about this and other events we have coming up. Finally, I will put out a thread on our forum ( in case anybody wants to coordinate travel plans or anything. I'd put it on the skepchick forum, but I've heard rumors that the forum's days may be numbered :)

    Thanks again to Rebecca for agreeing to participate in this year's lecture series and we hope to see you all there!


  3. CT is even closer to NY than MA! You have no excuses, goodguyseatpie.

    And yes, good eye there, Stacey, that is in fact my nudist picture. HOWEVER, I'll point out that I neither chose the pic nor created the banner. That was all Matt. Perv.

  4. So, like, is anyone gonna try to arrange a mini-skeptical roadtrip? I don't feel like paying Amtrack and SEPTA $130.00 for a roundtrip ticket.

  5. "That was all Matt. Perv."

    While I actually wasn't the one who made that graphic, I can't really argue with the Perv characterization. Rebecca, while we don't expect you to give the lecture in the nude, we have no formal policy forbidding it. ;)

  6. Do you take public transportation from Boston, or do you drive?

    I’m currently unemployed, so it’s dang expensive to get into NYC for me– But if there are any other skeptics in the Delaware Valley who’d like to carpool–? *hint! hint!* I have a comfy Subaru Outback with cargo space that’ll comfortably take five skeptics up the jersey Turnpike!

    I’m pretty sure I can swing this if we can defray the costs amongst ourselves.

  7. Skeptic roadtrip! Are there any other Bostonians going other than Rebecca and (probably, I still have to check my schedule) me? Even if we all pack onto a Fung Wah or Greyhound, it’d be sweet to travel in a pack and descend on New York in a swarm of skeptical fury, devouring all pseudoscience in our path.

  8. Actually, I designed the banner and chose the pic, so the blame lies with me. :-) Given Rebecca’s predilection for the arousing, it was all I could do to resist changing the title of her lecture to something like “Skepchick on Skepchicks.”

  9. Hmm…$26 on Metro-North to NYC off-peak on Saturday…friend in NYC to say hello too…could be interesting. :-)

  10. So, Tom DG– If we go up together, that's two… Do you live near Cinnaminson, or Cherry Hill?

  11. I have access to all the email addresses you guys signed up with. If you post here that you're okay with me sharing it with others in your area, I can send out some messages so people can arrange rides!

  12. Rav where do you live? I Live about 15 minutes outside of Philly so The Delaware valley wouldn’t be that far out of the way for me.

  13. I think I’m booked that weekend, darn the luck. I’m also depressed that TAM 6 will be two weeks after I’m already planning to be in Vegas … maybe I’ll have a windfall of cash between now and then and will be able to afford some extra traveling.

  14. Hey Gang

    I live in Philly (center city) and I'd be interested in making the trip up with someone. I can throw in for gas money+buy you a drink afterwards. Or at the very least someone to ride SEPTA or the chinatown bus with.

    Feel free to share my info


  15. If you post here that you’re okay with me sharing it with others in your area, I can send out some messages so people can arrange rides!

    Sounds good.

  16. Exciting!

    I’m near Philadelphia too. I was just planning to hop onto a train to Philly and then take a Chinatown bus.

  17. Coolness! How many of us Philadelphians are there? Can we all fit into one vehicle? Or should we all descend upon Suburban Station and head to Chinatown?

  18. *and sorry for double posting, but feel free to share my info as well.
    Teapot, we can probably go together.

  19. Isn’t the thread title from a They Might Be Giants song?

    I’ll be coming from central New Jersey, about midway between NYC and Philadelphia. So, any Philadelphians who can make it to the halfway point can either hop into my car or I hop into theirs… shared expenses are good for the environment and the wallet.. :-)

  20. Thanks for turning me on to Cub. I like!

    Also, I am willing share my info for purposes of coordinating shared transportation, though it is seeming like the Philadelphians will be using mass transit.

    Skeptics from Jersey, represent!

  21. Also I have been able to fit about 7 people into my car. Plus I have heard my trunk is quite comfortable if I clear it out.

  22. Okay– I wouldnae mind joining a caravan. Also, I don't drink much. So if a designated driver is needed, I could be persuaded.

  23. So, Rebecca should put us all in touch with one another. We'll have several people from the Philadelphia/South Jersey area. How many cars will we have/need for all of us? Actually– how many of us ARE there down here?

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