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Skepchick Demographics Survey!

Hiya. We at Skepchick would like to know a bit more about you, our dear reader. There are only four very simple questions, none of which are required but all of which are preferred. There’s no reward but the satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped us out. Thanks!

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Rebecca Watson

Rebecca is a writer, speaker, YouTube personality, and unrepentant science nerd. In addition to founding and continuing to run Skepchick, she hosts Quiz-o-Tron, a monthly science-themed quiz show and podcast that pits comedians against nerds. There is an asteroid named in her honor. Twitter @rebeccawatson Mastodon Instagram @actuallyrebeccawatson TikTok @actuallyrebeccawatson YouTube @rebeccawatson BlueSky

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  1. Wait, go back, I've fixed it! Sorry about that, I had a freebie account and we got enough responses to shut it down. HA! I had to put down some cash but it's working now. Thank you so much for the great response thus far!

  2. By the way– How will this information be used to make the world a better place for Skepchickism, Rebecca?

  3. Hee, personalized spamming is a great idea but sadly no. No, this is actually multi-purpose. For one, I've always been curious as to the breakdown, since I've been watching the male:female ratio at events and such for a long time now, so I'd like to get some real numbers on that. Knowing what age you all are helps us know if we're hitting what we think is our target demographic (appears so far as though we are).

    Knowing what weird beliefs you were all into prior to becoming brilliant critical thinkers helps me better understand what topics are important. I'm also interested in what men believed vs. what women believed. Finally, knowing how you found Skepchick helps us know how we can get more people to find Skepchick.

    Finally, some of this data will be used for deliciously skeptical purposes which I will announce shortly!

  4. Done. I second cubiksrube post and would also be interested in seeing q demographic breakdown of fellow skepchickers. Of course, for no real reason beyond curiosity, can't help it, I'm just nosey. But hey, what better reason is there for wanting to know something :)

  5. *sigh!* You were supposed to offer me spam, egg, sausage and spam, cos that doesnae have MUCH spam in it.

  6. I der done did that beeyotch.

    Are you going to post some summaries of the findings? I'm interested in what people used to believe – I'm sure it would be fascinating to know what was most common, least common, etc. I know I used to have some whoppers when I was too young and dumb to know better. :)

  7. Did it!

    And would also be interested in the results.

    And in a strange coincidence I just did a survey created via the same survey site for work. Before that I had never seen surveymonkey.

  8. I responded, but I don't like this. This is part of the vast government conspiracy to collect information on us all so that the aliens can properly target us for abductions and anal probing. Don't put accurate information! She knows who you are from your IP address. Beware.

  9. Rav – would it comfort you to know that baked beans are off?

    Also, are any of the data gathered here going to be shared or publicly discussed, or is it all to be kept for your own nefarious/delicious skeptical schemes? I for one have no qualms about airing the dirty linen of my less critically-minded days in public, in the name of totally serious and practical scientific research.

  10. Completed!

    Think of this as a free therapist mini-session.

    >>>so that the aliens can properly target us for abductions and anal


    Well, depending on who will do the probing, it might be pretty good…

    >>>She knows who you are from your IP address.

    That could even help; see above.

  11. Aliens don’t bother me, anyway; I have one of those necklaces with the Voyager 1 plaque stamped on it so the aliens can put me back when they’re done!

  12. I will be compiling data and inflicting it upon you all in short order! (Actually, it may be a few weeks so don't hold your breath.) FYI: So far, 451 people have taken the survey. I'll give it another day or so before I close it and start compiling.

    Thanks to everyone who has participated thus far!

  13. I’m also curious about what other people once believed in. I’m tempted to tell my little anecdote here but, I’m gonna wait just in case Rebecca would like to use those stories.

  14. Speaking as someone who struggles fairly frequently with dishearteningly low response rates to websurveys, suitable participation incentives, and of course, survey burnout (yeah, every damn body wants to give a survey, which, of course, any damn body can write – not like there's a science or anything to it, or anything…grumble grumble grouse grouse…)

    Oh, yeah, anyway, WOW! To get enough responses to have to lay out some scratch is great. Congrats. Researchers everywhere should have such problems.


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