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It’s all change in the blogosphere (ugh I hate myself for using that word but what else is there? Bloggiverse?), particularly in the realm of female skeptics. Rebecca’s changes have been implemented, which means, among other things, you can now see my silly mustachioed face next to my posts. Is that an improvement on the old format or will readers be abandoning the blog in droves? “Nooo, not the faux-French gender bender picture! It confuses me and makes me feel warm in funny places”.

I’m not just writing this post to draw your attention to my face, although as a motive, that’s a given. I also wanted to drop in a link to a new blog from skeptical linguist Karen Stollznow, a skepchick after our own hearts. Karen writes for Aussie mag The Skeptic and Skeptical Inquirer, and runs the debunking site Bad Language. Welcome to the Bloggiverse, Karen!

ETA: my avatar isn’t showing up yet, rendering my post nonsense. Isn’t the suspense grand?!

ETA: and there I am!

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  1. Ah ha! I logged out, refreshed, and up I popped. I logged back in again, refreshed again, and was still there.

    Yay I made someone feel funny! Funny is close to witty, so you're OK.

  2. The avatars seem to slow down the comment display a tiny bit. I'm afraid the bigger ones — especially on posts with a lot of comments — may make the whole blog sluggish.

  3. First off, I LIKED the Moustachioed Rebecca! And second, I prefer the current arrangement of avatar sizes. It seems "reasonable" to me. If we change them, it might be noce to allow everyone an 80×80 picture.

    But that might make the comments area a wee bit crowded, mightn't it?

  4. Whoops– I meant Tking doll Dali image.

    Okay, okay– I haven't had my coffee yet, obviously. Tell you what; How about ALL the skepchicks don moustachioes for the blog?

    …Just until I've had my coffee, at least.

  5. Lol. I'd be proud to start a moustachio trend.

    It did just occur to me though…perhaps there is some residual confusion because the blog itself is called 'Memoirs Of A Skepchick'?.

    Although 'Memoirs Of Some Skepchicks' doesn't quite have the same ring to it…

  6. Yeah. I must have jumped to a contusion because of the title. I must remember that there is more than ONE skepchick.

    (I wonder if I should let a few feathers to grace my chin…?)

  7. You jumped to a CONTUSION?


    Although we've all done it. I have more than a few trampolining bruises myself.

  8. I suggest you two get a couple "Jump to Contusions" mats. They certainly help cushion the blow.

    Today's stupid Office Space reference brought to you by the letter x.

  9. That sounds reasonable. So that way, when logically grappling, we can throw each other to the floor without sustaining too much injury.

    Perhaps some ad hominem mouthguards, post hoc ergo propter hoc cups, and a couple of non sequitor head protectors would be useful as well.

    I mean, if the Xtians can have the "full armour of god…."

  10. Actually I think your idea is already related to the full armour of god. We all know the story of Saul and the Fallacies…

  11. In regards to the blog title, I have considered changing it now that we're a whole team and all. Maybe just changing it to "Skepchick." Also, I still want to change the layout of the blog, but while before I was holding out for Drupal, now I'm just saying screw it, let's rock the WordPress. Once we're all up and running with all the bloggers, I might ask around for someone who knows how to make WordPress templates.

  12. BTW, also not seeing the gravatar.

    After the gravatar site told me that it couldn't load the "image cropper" and suggested to use FireFox instead, I just closed the tab and tried it on Internet Explorer (since I was already on FireFox). It appears the image was loaded, but it's not quite showing up yet.

    Maybe tomorrow at work …

  13. Rav, I'm just wondering what's going to happen to the forum, and whether the blog could ever become what the forum used to be back when I still posted more, like, about a year ago.

  14. I remember registering for the old boards, but there was already so much going on, I was never sure where to just jump in.

    I like the boards format– I belong to a couple of other virtual communities– but with the blog here, there's always a "tag" to latch on to, so I don't feel as lost.

  15. Yeah, I found the problem with the forum was that it was *another* forum, and I already actively participate in two on a regular basis and one magic one occasionally. But this blog is more like a community than a blog – kind of the Bad Science format – without the pressure of a formal forum layout.

    Also it's more visual. Also, penguins.

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