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My Awesome James Randi Trivia Challenge

I am eaten up with jealousy because all of my friends are having a great time together at TAM 5.5 and I’m stuck here in England sitting on my hands. However, I did just now think of the awesomest James Randi/MC Hammer trivia question ever. So, this for everyone not currently in the company of The Amazing:

In which film can you see both James Randi and MC Hammer?

The winner gets a prize. Not a million dollars though, that’s the other challenge. I will give you a clue: the question has a tiny trick element. But that’s only fitting.

MC Randi

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  1. I'm noting the question is "in which movie can you see MC and James" not "in which movie do MC and James star together", which suggests a trick like someone watching TV on which they appear…

  2. How many degrees of separation you are from Kevin Bacon (I think it's a 1 if you acted in a film with him, 2 if you acted in a film with someone who's a 1, 3 if with a 2, and so on).

    No idea of what film this is, though.

  3. James Randi was in Penn & Teller Get Killed (1989) with Robert LaSardo

    Robert LaSardo was in One Tough Bastard (1995) with M.C. Hammer

  4. Off topic: I have a Bacon Number of 4 if you count family.

    And, if you count TV shows:

    M.C. Hammer was in "Hollywood Squares" (1998) {(2003-04-01)} with Penn Jillette

    Penn Jillette was in "Penn & Teller: Bullshit!" (2003) {Signs from Heaven (#3.12)} with James Randi

  5. Ha haaa you're all wrong so far. I am fiendish.

    If no-one has it by tomorrow, I'll post another clue. This is fun!

  6. I'm coming up with nothing. I didn't expect this would be easy, but IMDb and several Google searches both failed me.

  7. How about: someone's camera film from TAM 5.5! "MC Hammer" (i.e. Master of Ceremonies Phil Plait) and James Randi in the same frame.

    But then who uses "film" in cameras anymore…;-)

  8. while i have no idea what the answer is, i did happen to see an awesome poster of randi with killer purple batwings last week. i got to do a small insulation job in the upper level of a local magic shop which is going to be the home of a new magic museum. they have this poster, as well as what appears to be the actual container depicted in the poster. needless to say, i totally geeked out.

  9. Oh yeah, I forgot that the Americans say 'movie'. That's not the trick part of the question though, it's definitely a proper movie.

    OK, that's only half a clue. More of a clarification in fact. Here's a proper clue:

    Randi's appearance in the movie is really rather flat.

  10. Oh and Sid, you know as well as I do that in England it's a capital crime not to finish your custard.

  11. Isnae The Projectionist that supervillain who projects his own faults and insecurities onto others?

  12. We have a winner!!!!

    Congratulations Ole Eivind, your answer is correct.

    In The Last Action Hero, the projectionist has a couple of magic posters in the projection room, including Houdini and Randi. The Randi poster is behind his head when he's asleep in the chair for those who want to rush out and look for it. Not that anyone should watch that film, even for fact-checking. It's crummy.

    MC Hammer has a cameo later in the film.

    I must say I'm extremely impressed, Ole. I thought I was the nerdiest of them all.

    I'll have to think of a suitable prize.

  13. Yay!

    Sorry to outnerd you, but I really liked The Last Action Hero when I was about 8, and saw it countless times. Kinda sad, really.

    I never thought it would actually pay off.

  14. I'm going to post this to a social bookmarking site to see if somebody out there who doesn't normally read this blog might know.

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