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More Introductions!

Hi everybody,

Jill’s the name. I’m so excited to be here on this blog, you have no idea. Or you might, but either way, the excitement is there.

I hail up north here in snowy (is it ever!) Canada. I’m an aspiring comic book artist and while working a desk job during the day, at night I am hunched over my drawing table or tablet on the computer, drawing away. Ah, the life of an artist…

My job here is to come up with some fun and skeptically awesome contests each month. I’m going to be doing some major brainstorming this weekend for ideas, so hopefully they become popular and then I become queen of the world! (Just kidding…I think).

This is a pretty short introduction, but I like to leave an air of mystery. It covers up the fact that I’m blanking on what to say about myself.


Jill is forever chained to her art desk, scribbling away.

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  1. Hallo, Jill! (And everyone else who's just come aboard whom I haven't yet politely said "Hallo" to!)


  2. Hi spurge! Some comics that inspire me are: Blankets by Craig Thompson, Strangers in Paradise by Terry Moore. Just really good stories with amazing art. Real life stuff.

    Hi Rav! Thanks for the warm welcome!

    Hi Swimly, I live in Alberta, are you in Canada?

  3. I don't know Blankets. I will have to look for it.

    I love Strangers in Paradise! Great story telling and character development.

    One of my all time favorites.

    Good luck with your artistic endevours.

  4. Welcome Jill – I hope we can hope for some genuine skepchick comics to illustrate the occasional post?

    What sort of comics and art do you do?

  5. Hi Monika!

    I will definitely try to slip in the occasional skepchick comic or art :)

    The comics I am currently working on are usually based on situations I go through in everyday life. There is a definite skeptical theme to it!

  6. Ha ha ha, I always blank out when trying to talk about myself too. I prefer talking about other things.

  7. Jill, are you the one who made the comic about going to The Amazing Meeting?

    Because I think I saw that one.

  8. Clearly, she is looking at someone tall, and saying:

    "I swear! The last time I saw you, you were only 'this' tall!"

    I'm not even close, am I?

  9. Obviously I'm doing all of the above it that picture! I am just that talented! :)

    Sorry exarch, I didn't do that comic, I've actually not seen that. Do you have a link to it?

  10. Hmm, someone posted a link to a comic right after TAM5. It was on the JREF message board, in the "Amazing meeting and other events" section. But it's probably burried by a year's worth of other stuff, and I have no idea what words to search for …

  11. Ooops, I posted a comment and then failed to follow up. Yes Jill, I am in Canada. Saskatoon, SK. That makes two prairie skepchicks. I wonder if there are others!

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