Kitty Wigs!

I think the name speaks for itself. Best. Thing. Ever.

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  1. It does look like a joke to me. I'm not sure though. It's like yet a new version of Poe's law:

    On the web, there's no e-commerce or online shop site selling stuff so crazy that it's obviously just a joke.

  2. Oh, it's not a joke.

    I expect the wigs stay on by themselves until the cat gets bored, same as a human wig. I also suspect these are only any use on very docile cats. In the description of the model cats, the site owner does say that some cats won't wear them.

    And she donates 20% of her profits to an animal charity, which further cements the 'genuine and not cruel' theory. Unless you call 'lack of dignity' cruel but I don't think cats have any concept of 'looking funny in a wig'.

  3. Those pictures are a hoot. The one above kinda looks like my cat Monkey, but he'd have that wig torn to shreds in seconds.

    We used to be concerned about our cats chewing on Christmas tree icicles, so I'd be concerned about them ingesting the wig fibers, though they do say:

    Kitty Wigs should only be used with human supervision and label the packages with warnings. Glad they donate some of the profits.

  4. Cats are one of nature's most perfect predators. One of these days they may rise up and kill us all. This could be just the thing to start the revolt…..

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