I think I’m going to puke

How much of this disgusting stuff can come out of Muslim countries?

Dubai: A 12-year-old girl was recently arrested for having illicit affairs with men.

A police official told Gulf News police had received a tip-off about the girl. She was arrested from an apartment in Bur Dubai where she was with a number of males, more than 15, aged between 18 and 27 years and of different nationalities, he said.


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  1. The official word is that this is the first such case the police have known of? I don't really consider myself a skeptic, but that assertion from law enforcement– anywhere– is not to be trusted.

  2. I'm still not particularly clear on what's going on in this story. Was she having sex with all these men? The story sort of implies that this is the case, but it's not clear, nor is it clear what law she was arrested under.

  3. Oh ye!

    Ye of little faith!

    How can thou not understand!

    We murder

    We murder with words

    We murder with modernity

    We murder God

    We murder good

    Think of the children

    Let the children come to me.

    You can too, but then,

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    Free Will.



    Choose peace!

  4. I’ve got to break this down to make sure I understand properly.
    I can see several problems here, and I may be missing one or more:
    1) Pedophilia – the men involved in this, if they were having sex with, or trying to have sex with a 12-year-old girl, would clearly be pedophiles.
    2) Prostitution – one little girl with so many men, there is a clear implication that money must be involved, especially if this is a pattern for her. The article also implies that the girl’s mother was a prostitute, or at least a “loose woman.”
    3) Fornication – sex outside the bonds of marriage, even if it were with a woman of appropriate age, would be cause for outrage in a fundamentalist country.

    This is the only response I had that was at all productive. The rest were just expressions of outrage.

  5. What the heck does this even mean?

    She was with "more than" 15 males in the apartment?

    They don't know how many males – yet they know they range in age from 18 to 26?

    I lived in the gulf region for two years, and the English-language local papers can be weirdly worded. Still, it sounds like EVERYONE was arrested – which, I suppose, is somewhat better than if the authorities had executed the girl and then apologized to the men for having not done a better job of keeping away such terrible temptations…

  6. I have no idea what that article is about. It’s so vague on the details that it isn’t even clear what was going on.

    And having seen the recent overreaction of the muslim world to a teddy bear named Mohammed, I wouldn’t be surprised if the girl really was merely arrested for being in the same room with 15 men. And sleeping with them in the innocent, non-suggestive meaning of the word.

  7. Well, first of all, she's form the Philipines, where there's plenty of (child included) prostitution. If the mother is/was a prostitute, it's likely that she's just perpetuating her own child prostitute background on her own kid…Quite a volatile mix: a country where sexuality is suppressed to the extreme and people from a culture where the just-hardly-underground sex trade is huge…I'm sure this is far more common than this one case. It's a lot easier for the Arabs who would usually have to go to Bangkok or Manila for their Aisha-esque jollies.

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